The Male Opinion of Fashion

I’ve known the interviewee for a few years and after a lot of pestering he kindly decided to finally allow me to interview him on the issues of fashion and his thoughts on the ‘size 0’ and ‘plus size’ trends that have circulated the media over the past few years.

Tell me a little about your background?

I’m just your average guy: I’m not rich, I work full time and I’m proud to say I’m a ‘nerd’. My childhood was pretty normal, until my grandfather died, then we scrimped a little but we worked together to get back on our feet.

I’m going to show you two photographs (hands over number one), how do you feel about this photo? (photo is of a size 0 model)

Very skinny and malnourished.

How about this one? (I hand over my next photo of a plus size model)

More rounded, skin looks fresh and healthy. Definitely eats more burgers, which is good.

What do you think about the fashion industry?

I guess it’s part of everyday life. I believe it’s all about personal taste, but I also think that the advertisement isn’t necessary. There’s no need for it to be glamorized. We buy clothes and things anyway.

How do you feel about the pressure women have to face to be and look a certain way?

Personally, I don’t think there is any pressure. Being a model is a JOB. The models in magazines aren’t really like that in everyday life. They may wear something skimpy for a cover shoot, but, they might wear track suit bottoms and a baggy t-shirt at home. I think it’s people just blowing things out of proportion. We should know that Photoshop is part of being a model. Like I said, ‘being a model is a job’. It’s not just women, it’s men as well. You see someone on an advert and you think straight away, ‘he’s buff!’ We should all be buff, because he’s buff?

Personally, I think it’s consumerism. You see it, you want it. But, you don’t have to get it. Again, it’s personal choice.

What advice would you give to women who feel they should be more attractive?

Don’t be so sensitive about your looks. Just be yourself because everyone is unique. Don’t be ashamed of who you are.

Do you think it’s important, looks?

Of course, because if nobody fancied anyone they’d be no babies. So, looks do play a small part.

Any final thoughts?

To be honest I think women get more attention in the media and negativity. I feel us guys get brushed aside, even though we have the exact same issues. 




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