The Sims Crazy!

I am OBSESSED with The Sims 4! I love it! My boyfriend doesn't understand my obsession. He doesn't understand the cuteness of the alien babies, the little plates of food that you can make and the goofy language! 

I love it! I can play it for hours. I love creating a little mini me and creating my 'pad' and decorating it however I want! Oh! Such LOVE for this game! Ever since I was young I have been in love with it! I'm hoping, soon, to start doing some game videos on my youtube channel. I'm not very popular at the minute. But I'm enjoying the creativity! Just being creative is so much fun! 

Whether it be The Sims, drawing, painting, writing, photography! At the moment I'm loving being creative! I could ramble on about it all day!....Don't worry I won't! 

Be as creative and as goofy as you want!! Go crazy! Being creative is fantastic, fabulous, fun! (run out of words that start with 'F') 

Aimee X

Published by Aimee Shepherd


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