The Constant Thoughts When I Am Working On My Book

The Constant Thoughts When I Am Working On My Book

This article was originally published on my personal blog on 17th August 2016. 

All those following me on my Facebook page must have known that a month ago I had taken a break from blogging so I can start working on my book. Obviously, a month wasn’t enough but since I just wanted to keep my mind clear of off other writing activities I took a month’s break.

During this time I finally got to sit and jot down the whole idea of the book and that one month of no blogging allowed me to focus entirely on my book. So Alhumdulilah I am halfway through. Though a lot more work remains but I know it’s going to be steady from here hence I am back to my blogging activities.

For almost half of this month I had been writing blog posts related to personal development. Also, if you know I am currently doing the 30 days 30 blog posts challenge (do follow me on my Facebook page for daily updates) in which I alternate uploading blog posts to each of my blog. (I hope by now you should be aware that I have this ‘My Inspirational Blog’ and ‘The Bookish Nomad’ blog.) Again if you aren’t aware make sure to like my Facebook page.

So anyways getting on with the topic of today’s blog post, I wanted to be slightly personal. I am spending a lot of time working on my book and every day I go through all kinds of thoughts and feelings. So I thought why not share those with my readers and see what they have to say.

So here I go! 😀


Thought # 1: Is this even going to work?

I had always wanted to become an author of not just one book but many! The first time I had the idea of writing a book, it was basically a novella that I wanted to write. It was back in the days when I had completed with A-levels and was about to start with my university. I had written a lot of chapters for that novella. During that same time I had got the idea of another novella and wrote a few chapters for that one as well. But as time passed I learned that I don’t want to write fiction stories (let us not get into the discussion of why not?)

So now long story short, I am finally working on a personal development, a self-help book because after 3 years of blogging I have realized that this is what benefits my readers. But of course each day I sit to write there are times when I start doubting my work thinking maybe it isn’t a very good idea.

Thought # 2: Maybe I should wait some more

I have always believed in ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ So each time I start with a new chapter I think maybe now is not the right time. Maybe I should wait until I finish my degree. Maybe I should wait to gain more experience and knowledge. Maybe I should wait to gain more audience on my blog. Maybe I should wait until I become a popular blogger. There are so many reasons I should wait but then I don’t know how much more time is appropriate to wait for. So I am just going on with the flow.

Thought # 3: How far will my readers be willing to read my book?

The inspiration to write a personal development book that will help people focus on the brighter aspects of this life and to attain self-actualization only came when I saw my readers enthusiastic about what I write on this blog. But of course, I am not sure how many of you will be willing to read a whole book…

Thought # 4: Yes, it is going to be amazing

Then there are those times when I am totally elated. I keep writing and keep feeling happy that this book is going to be a success and will be loved by many.

Thought # 5: Maybe I should just carry with blogging

Another of the thought that bothers me! Why do I have to take so much trouble to write a book? Why not just blog all that I am writing for the book? I try to answer this question each time it comes into my mind. I am writing this book because it has always been a dream to write one. I am writing this book so I can let people carry around my words with them. Not everyone enjoys reading articles online but true readers surely read a lot from books.

Thought 6: Damn I am going to be rich!

Sounds funny right! But this thought has crossed my mind several times but of course my aim is not just to earn from my book. I wish to bring change in the lives of people through my book. I wish to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest. I want them to accomplish their dreams through my book and so I keep feeling that this is it! It’s going to be sold in millions! (Insha Allah)

Thought # 7: Traditional publishers or self-publishing

Since the first day of having the idea of this book I keep thinking if I should go on with self-publishing or approach traditional publishers. I have done lots of online researches and read pros and cons of both the options but I am still not sure. So every night before sleeping this very thought occurs to me, ‘Where should I go on from here?’

Thought # 8: What if no one likes what I have written?

I have been writing for different clients and websites for the past 5 years and I have been writing on my blog since 3 years and I have always been appreciated for what I write. But now when I am writing the same way for my book I start fearing that what if people don’t like what I have written.

I think these thoughts pretty much sums up all the constant thoughts that I get during the day as I write my book. The fear, anxiety, low confidence keeps coming over and over again. Then there come those moments of happiness when I feel completely confident that it is all going to work out just the way I want.

I would really like to hear from my readers. Also, if any of the authors happen to stumble upon my blog post then do leave your comments and suggestions. They will be highly appreciated.

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