3 Easy Full Body Workouts at Home – FitsApp

3 Easy Full Body Workouts at Home – FitsApp

Do not let this hold you back. While you step into your fitness journey, you may discover that you are unsure about the meanings of fitness terms. If you are looking for a workout session or a personal online trainer, you have come to the right place to gain a clear understanding of the entire fitness terms.



Knees Out

A lot of fitness trainers will tell you to keep your knees in line with your toes. For a few people, it is very hard to do that. The majority of the time, trainers will simply try to help you by doing a complete squat movement correctly. It might sound complicated but think of this move from beginning at your hips. As you push your whole body down, just keep your chest upside and focus on making sure both your knees do not collapse inwards.

Weighted Alternating Lunge

When it comes to your leg press exercises, the lunge is termed to be the most popular exercise because it strengthens your entire body muscles as well as glutes. When you add weight, you can raise your heart rate up which can help you lose your belly fat during your workout. To begin with, the exercise, start by standing tall with your feet hip-distance apart. Take a large step forward and lower your complete body towards the floor. Legs should be bent at 90°-degree angle at the bottom of the lunge.

Upright Row & Front Raise

The upright row exercise is a weight training exercise that involves the trapezius, deltoids, and biceps. To begin with, the exercise, stand tall, holding a set of weights in both your hands with an overhand grip, hands about shoulder-distance apart. Keep your chest up and your abs hold up, raise the weight to your shoulders by pulling elbows up towards the top ceiling. Slowly lower back down to complete a rep. Follow 10 reps in 3 sets.

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