Change the world as an average citizen

Change the world as an average citizen

Nov 8, 2016, 5:04:26 PM Opinion

When it comes to global issues as a lower middle class individual it’s easy to feel like we have little to no impact on our surroundings much less the political economic structure powering civilization. In reality the truth is just the opposite; everything you do matters. Real democracy is not voting in a ballot box and trusting a mostly elected organization to count and determine the outcome of the participating population. The real power of democracy comes from the conscious awareness around every decision you make.

Every time you make a choice you alter one variable in the massive game of possibilities and variables playing out on earth. This variable takes on the behavior described in “The butterfly effect” in where its impact continually reaches outward affecting variables around the world. Voting polls and legislation can be forged and taken from the people but no one can ever take away the impact of your choice. If you wish to forge a better world and begin to discover your true source of power, this guide is for you.

-Spend more of your money in locally owned businesses. We all have needs/wants for products that are most easily accessible through super-stores like Walmart, McDonalds, etc, and we don’t have to give that up entirely. But when it comes to the economy and its effects on the middle and lower classes these stores grossly undermine the ability for average people to start up a local competing business. As a result local business owners suffer which feeds down to their employees hurting the over all community. For every local farmer, diner, pet store, mechanic, etc you endorse you raise the living quality within your community and deplete the competition strangling your economic class.

-Put 10-15 minutes of research into the companies you are purchasing from. See where and how their products are being manufactured. No, we can’t March with picket signs and stop a company from using impoverished children to make their merchandise or get them to stop spraying our food with pesticides and monopolize the agricultural industry. But they can only continue if we continue buying from them. Think of your bill of purchase as your vote for the company you endorsed.

-Stop Withdrawing Loans. The banking industry is one of the most detrimental institutions leeching wealth out of the middle and lower classes. Banks are allowed to loan out 10x more money than they have on deposit. Meaning for every $1 they have on deposit they can loan $9 to you in “Credit” which the bank never owned/worked for, and collects back from you with interest. If you loan your friend $10,000 in counterfeit bills(money you just created with no value) that’s highly illegal on many levels, but banks can do it at will. By Withdrawing loans you perpetuate this vampiric dynamic and give the bank more funds upon which it can exponentially exploit your community.

-When in a stressful situation take a deep breath to stop and collect yourself before taking action. In this democracy every variable/vote is counted toward the collective outcome. Whether it’s a fight with your girlfriend, a bad day at work, someone cutting you off in traffic, your choice forever changes the placement of all variables from that point forward. Think of at least 2 options before impulsively acting on one and compare what the feeling is behind each choice. Will it ultimately make you feel better? Will this choice create a better outcome or make the situation worse? Or simply ask yourself “What is the right thing to do here?” And go with what you know in your heart is true.

-Talk to people, create a blog, share what you really think is important in person and on social media! Aren’t we all sick of being so superficial all the time? It’s a funny thing that one of the biggest problems we face as a society in the Internet age is open honest communication. From dysfunctional relationships, shady business practices, and corrupt politicians, though we each have the full capability of talking with one another and discussing the issues at hand we would much rather conceal the truth about who we are, and what we are dealing with for one reason or another. Instead we create a pretty facade we show to others to show our stability and desirability to hide our insecurities. One of the biggest influences on social developments in the modern age is social media. Through these platforms millions of people have found a voice to speak their truth to the countless listening. There is more information available to you about the world than there ever has been in human history and it’s all at your fingertips. Whatever may be important to you, whether it’s yoga instruction, whistle-blowing corruption, how to take care of your dog, create a space on this internet to voice your truth. Go out and engage people in conversation, it could be a cashier in a not so busy restaurant, someone sitting at the bus stop with you, but ask what’s important to them, and share what’s important to you. More often than not you will find you have more in common with people than you thought.

-Perform random acts of kindness for strangers. Keep a blanket in the car Incase you run into a homeless person on a cold night. Help your elderly neighbor take out her trash. Just act on whatever spontaneous opportunity may arise to help someone throughout your day even if it’s a little inconvenient. Another problem with this world is everyone is out for themselves in a free for all. To change that we literally have to do it ourselves. There’s not a single person who doesn’t experience themselves as “I”, because of this only “I” can make a difference.

Again as an individual the prospect of changing the world can seem nigh impossible, but try to think of it as a pinball/snowball effect. As you start making a conscious impact your effect is rather small, but as you continue moving forward you pick up more momentum and energy, snowballing around you larger with each choice. In addition, everything you collide with or touch you leave your resonating in your wake. As your impact grows it can and will inspire others to begin their own journey and pursuit. Soon enough from that first decision to push for a better world that same movement has inspired a dozen others which will then go on to exponentially inspire dozens more. You can either be influenced by the world or be an influence on it, neither choice is right or wrong, but one empowers you to create your future, and the other leaves you to be a victim of it.

Published by Aishwariya Ramachandran

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Thank you Shelly :)

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Thank you Shelly :)

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You make some good points :)

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