Healers on Earth

1 – If you are stressed or emotionally upset, before taking action or saying something ask yourself “What is my intent?”, establish what energy you want to contribute to the situation, and base your decisions off your answers.

2 – Don’t get upset with yourself over “Lack of progress” or “inadequacy”. If you are feeling you aren’t achieving what you are supposed to be it is because you have become ensnared in the chatter of your mind. You are already enlightened, you create this reality moment by moment, and are always doing your best. You are the cosmos experiencing a growth in self awareness in the limited form of a human being. So sit back and enjoy the show.

3 – Spiritual development doesn’t have to be laborious work. The main forces behind the impact of your healing practice(s) are the mastery of your visualization and intent. There are many ways to improve both such as reading a fiction novel, creating art, writing, any fun activity that stimulates your imaginations and gives you focus. If you aren’t having fun, what’s the point?

4 – Raising the vibration of your consciousness and becoming a healer isn’t about being happy all the time. There is much to be sad about in the world and all emotions hold their purpose and place. Healing comes from a place of balance and acceptance. We become dis-eased or dis-harmonized when we are imbalanced, aligning ourselves toward one polarity. Light and dark are not at war, they are two comparatives on a spectrum whom mutually require the other in order to exist. This is because though apparent opposites, they are two halves of a whole.

5 – Love comes from the self first. How can you expect to love and take care of others if you can’t love and take care of yourself? Many of us have been raised with the false notion love takes sacrifice and martyrdom. As humble and honorable it may seem to take on another’s suffering to “lessen their burden”, often suffering is purposeful and is an opportunity for learning. By refusing to allow the fool to persist in his folly you deprive them of this opportunity, simultaneously sacrificing yourself causing detriment on both ends. The most effective forms of healing will always heal both parties.

6 – As a healer it’s easy to take on more than you can handle, and stretch yourself thin between social obligations. Remember to take time to yourself to rest and rejuvenate, you can’t perform to the best of your ability if you’re exhausted all the time.

7 – Healers of all practice tend to have a psychic empathy with everything in their surroundings. Because of this we are susceptible to adopting foreign negative emotions and thinking patterns. If you find yourself abnormally stressed or upset try to think of a possible external source of this emotion as you could be empathizing with a distraught friend or family member in your proximity. Becoming aware of these external forces helps you maintain your own space and learn to identify your feelings more clearly.

8 – Whether you practice your healing through reiki, crystal work, meditation, or even conversation, the tools and practice of your work holds no power within itself. Rather the actions and objects act as a focus through which you channel the healing energy. This is what allows for such a wide variety of healing methods. Again the true source of your power lies within your intent.

9 – You do not have the power to evoke change or healing in an individual who is unwilling to receive it. You can tell people the solutions to their problems from an outside perspective all you want but it is always the responsibility of the recipient to do the processing of the healing themselves. You are only a facilitator, a catalyst for healing to occur in your space, but you can be no more than such.

10 – The most important healing work you can practice is on yourself. We are each individually responsible for our own progress and development. There is only one consciousness, source consciousness, of which every “I” is an embodiment. You are pushing the universe forward one life at a time, and this is the main life your attention should be focused upon.

Published by Aishwariya Ramachandran

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