The Nazis Won WWII – Exposing The Lie

Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon – Episode 1

“What?! That can’t be right?!?!” The subject matter of this series will be shocking to many of you, many of the assertions I am about to make directly contradict the standard curriculum we were taught in mandatory school. I’m not going to ask you to believe me, in fact I’d prefer if you didn’t. There is one thing I ask of you as you embark on this journey with me and that is to approach everything I say with open minded skepticism. I am not delegating to you what you must believe, I am giving you my personal understanding and conclusions around what is really going on behind the scenes of our corrupt military industrial complex. Take everything I say with a grain of salt and digest it on your own time, research these topics and come to your own conclusions afterwards. Until then postpone your biases and if nothing else enjoy the following as an interesting narrative.

-The Public War & The Private War

There were two war fronts in WWII, one you know, and one you likely don’t know. Global super powers have always fought over two things, having an economic/influential advantage, and having a technological advantage. He who has the most money and technological capability is king of this jungle. Since the late 1800’s Extraterrestrial have been making their presence known in our skies, and since at-least the 1950’s we’ve been capturing their vehicles. Not long after they were showing up the leading political figureheads began asking “How do they work? How do they get here?” In the era of WWII there were a minimum of two competing secret space programs trying so solve this new dilemma of interstellar travel run by the United States & Nazi Germany.

If you’ve watched Indiana Jones you’re familiar with the concept of Nazis raiding ancient temples in search of lost relics and artifacts. This endeavor was quite real as Hitler sent expeditions across the world in search of ancient artifacts and texts, places such as India, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and many locations within Latin/South America. What they were looking for was access to technology utilized by previously advanced civilizations on this earth (a subject that will be discussed in another article).

In this covert war the Nazis by far had the upper-hand, having made several critical discoveries, a brokered alliance between other civilizations, and access to a swath of slave labor, their militaristic dominance was assured. So what happened?

-The Cosmic Advantages Of The Nazi Campaign.

Before I continue I’d like to shed some light unto the complicated nature of the exopolitical realm in our solar system. I can’t tell you how many civilizations reside in our solar system, but I assure you the various species range in the hundreds. They are commonly bipedal as it seems the humanoid template is a repeating and efficient pattern for developing sentience. They arise from all various genealogies, some with feline characteristics, others avian or reptilian, many are almost indistinguishable from human. And like Star Trek the majority abide by a law of ‘non-interference’. There is no cosmic ‘Law’ dictating such behavior and thus not all civilizations abstain from interacting with developing worlds.

At this time in Germany there was a group of women in contact with a civilization commonly referred to as the Nordics. This group of women was known as the Vrill society, and the Nordics, a benevolent race wanted to bestow humanity with gifts of technological advancement that would reshape our society as a whole for the better. Technology such as trans-dimensional travel, zero-point energy, and anti-gravity. Learning of this the Nazi party was swift to indoctrinate the women and attempt use their connection with the Nordics to hoard and weaponize this technology in their campaign for global domination. Obviously discontent with the intent of the Nazis the Nordics revoked their assistance and out of this seizure of the Vrill a new opportunity arose.

Seeking to make contact with a civilization who would be willing to make an exchange the Vrill women were used to make contact with a race referred to as ‘The Draco’. Known in illuminati conspiracist circles as ‘Reptilians’, these beings live up to their malevolent reputation. A deal was struck during their communications, the Draco would bestow the Nazis with gifts of technology, scientific data, and pre-constructed facilities for operations, and in turn the Nazis would join the ‘Draco Alliance’ as underlings, an interstellar civilizations built upon conquest and expanding its influential empire.

-A False Death & A New Empire: The Regime Of The Phoenix

There are several facts about WWII when viewed from the standard narrative appear conflicting and nonsensical. Two such events would be “What is operation paper clip and why did we move a bunch of leading Nazi scientists over into the U.S. With complete pardons for their crimes?” And “How did the development for the atomic bomb originate in Germany and ultimately get completed under the supervision of the U.S.?” It is assumed the original breakthroughs for R&D of the Atomic bomb were found in India. Nazi Germany dispatched an expedition to India lead on by the ancient text of the Mahabharata, a narrative detailing a previous advanced civilization under the figure head Krishna, this text went on to discuss Vimanas, large pyramid like ships armed with super weapons described as “Bolts of lightning charged iron that when struck were brighter than a thousand suns”. Supposedly they found what they were looking for, but before they had completed development on the project there was a change of plans.

Allow me to spell this out for you, the days of slavery are far from over, slavery has not been abolished, it’s evolved and transformed in appearance. A slave who doesn’t know he’s a slave is much more valuable than one who knows he’s a slave. A slave who sees his chains is libel to break them while one who can’t see his chains doesn’t know he has any to break. The matrix of control that pervades our civilizations stems from a multitude of sources, to name a few; there’s energy dependency, religion, and money. These systems of control are fundamental to keeping the population blind, without them a revolt of the masses is practically imminent. If you expose the existence of UFO’s it destroys the grip each of these control systems hold and with it your slave force.

So here is the dilemma the Nazis faced, how do you win a covert space war and take down a rival SSP without exposing the extraordinary technology in your possession and abolishing your means of perpetual global enslavement? You infiltrate the rival faction and take it over from the inside out via espionage.

In order to usher in their new reign they needed to create a false death to purge their existence from the global consciousness. It was decided The United States would be the new center stage for national superiority, and after their successful infiltration of our government they transferred their leading scientists and development programs into our already established infrastructure via Operation Paperclip. Shortly afterwards using the United States military they waged war on their old regime killing off/trying everyone who was deemed “Unnecessary”. America got to drop the Atomic bomb in a display oftechnological superiority and the illusion was complete.

-Clarity On Some Fuzzy Details

The Nazi movement is dead, and any remnants are zealots and idealists who weren’t included in the reformation. The people currently in control of our government and SSP are not the Nazis themselves but rather the forces behind the Nazi campaign. This faction adheres to no label and orchestrated the unfolding of both world wars to reorganize/consolidate the political landscape and continues to do so in a campaign for globalization. They are owned by no government but rather own several of their own, they are the faces behind the scenes, they’re allegiance is to their economic influence, their corporate conglomeration. At their core they are a diverse group of syndicates each with a unique means of global influence that co-collaborate under a cabalistic agenda. What I’m trying to tell you is that this organization is transnational and has been for quite some time, no one nation is responsible for their endeavors and rather most nations are their unwitting victims.

I’m sure your mind must be spinning with questions. “What are the current operations of this Secret Space Program?” “Who Are The Draco?” “If the Draco are so powerful and conquest driven why haven’t they overthrown our primitive earth society?” “What are the other civilizations like in our solar system and why haven’t they intervened?” “If the SSP was gaining access to such advanced tech in the 1940’s where they are at now?” I assure you I will be elaborating on all such questions in the Coming series, as you can see this topic is quite extensive and has many facets/ dynamics to be explored. Patience is key, and doing your own research pertinent. Educate yourself and stay open, there’s plenty more to come in the next installments.

Below are a couple relevant links to the blog of Corey Goode, a whistleblower from within the Secret Space Program.

Published by Aishwariya Ramachandran

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