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Thank You for subscribing to “LIFE!” The most complex, engaging, sand-box MMORPG created to date! We at Universal-Consciousness Industries hope you enjoy the following adventure and have sent you this email to give you some beginners tips to help you better navigate and enhance your play experience!

-What is “LIFE!”?: Utilizing the latest physical matter reality rendering software “LIFE!” thrusts you into a completely foreign world complete with its own fully detailed environment, history, cultural dynamics, and inhabitants. In this RPG every decision you make has an immediate impact on your environment and the direction your story takes as you progress through the game. There are no limits to what you may pursue and how deeply you can explore any one aspect of the game’s content. The Ultimate open world sand-box where you can become anything from the burrito man on the corner of 5th st & Le Mesa blvd, to President of your country! Be careful what you wish for, not everything is as it seems in LIFE!. Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns around every corner, as this amazingly comprehensive MMO takes you on a epic odyssey complete with fantastical wonder, heart ache, amazement, love, betrayal, all tied together in the craziest unpredictable narrative you’ve bared witness.

What do I do in “LIFE!”: Whatever you want!!! Our developers agree the best part of this game is the ability to create, perform, and become anything you desire. There is no right or wrong way to play LIFE! This game takes you on a quest of self discovery, as you make each choice and progress through the story the physical matter reality rendering software is designed to react and custom tailor every possible experience available to you along your journey. This MMO is not only dramatic, fun, and gripping, but highly educational and enlightening. No one who plays leaves the same, and we at U.C. Industries are proud of our epiphany success rate and the development in consciousness our customers report!

  • Beginners Tips: If this is your first time subscribing to LIFE!, Here are some quick pointers to help you get the best out of your first adventure and overall play experience!
  1. Within the main story-line there are an infinite variety of mini-games to engage in. If you wish to get more out of your story we recommend you balance the time you spend playing mini-games as well as the full game. The best way to separate the mini-games from the main story is to know the majority of our mini-games have a competitive nature to their dynamics. The main story-line is a completely personal experience created for you and you alone. No one’s life in LIFE! Is better or more valuable than any other because each life manifests into the exact experience that is most beneficial and enlightening to the individual.
  2. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!!! Our developers have spared no expense into custom designing every object, every line, and every experience possible in the game. We highly encourage you to stop and inspect things you come across in your adventure! Countless surprises have been scattered among the seemingly mundane parts of LIFE! for players who take the time to appreciate everything that’s been put into this work.
  3. Don’t get attached to your loot! Everything in LIFE! is temporary (it’s a simulation anyway). We have designed tons of cool fun toys and really powerful items for you to acquire as you progress, but the best parts of the game lie in your own internal experience of the reality. Players who get overly attached to the many doodads and items available report a lacking and incompleteness to their story line’s progression. If you feel an incompleteness in your play experience we recommend you take a break from your current engagements and reflect on the highly detailed internal/mental environment built into your character’s User Interface. The G.U.I. Is one of the most ignored and easily forgettable features of our game. A regular inspection and analysis of the G.U.I. Is a phenomenal way to enhance and make the best of your game experience.

⚠️⚠️***GAME DISCLAIMER***⚠️⚠️

  • Not all stories have happy endings.
  • Length of story-lines vary character to character.
  • Due to the extremely complex interactions in LIFE! Once a character is created it must be played out until the end of it’s story.
  • U.C. Industries makes no promises for growth & development by playing “LIFE!” Though many players have consciousness altering epiphanies, anything you get out of the game is completely determined by you and your own interpretation of your choices and experiences.
  • Game may cause Insanity, degradation in moral judgment, and diminished capacity for reasoning or understanding.
  • Though side effects may become intense and overwhelming all side affects are purely temporary and provide their own opportunities for growth as they have been purposefully included in the game.
  • By playing life you agree to the ever changing terms & conditions, many of your experiences will be completely involuntary and beyond your control. Any/all involuntary experiences are directly influenced by all contracts formed via conscious and unconscious consent. U.C. Industries is not liable for any contracts players knowingly or unknowingly consent to and is not responsible for any undesirable outcome that results from agreeing to said contracts.
  • LIFE! typically is an extremely long game with countless hours of playtime, do not play life if you are unable/unprepared to commit a lifetime to the experience. As stated above once you press start you must play all the way to the end.

Universal-Consciousness Industries would like to once again thank you for your subscription to LIFE! And wishes you an incredible time on this wonderful adventure. If at anytime during the game you experience difficulty, sit down and meditate and customer service will handle your issues as soon as possible!

Published by Aishwariya Ramachandran


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