Our New President...

Our New President...

Nov 9, 2016, 5:32:01 PM News

Like most of the United States I was constantly checking to see who our president was going to be and to be honest this outcome terrifies me... All of the things that I have seen and read about make me worried. Even this morning I read an article that said he is anti-LGBT. He is against so many people except for straight white men. 

Trump's view of women terrify me because he comes off as thinking so little of us. Women have been fighting for years to have equal rights and now all I can think is what are we going to lose? In most states women are just fighting for equal pay, so what's going to happen now that we have a president who thinks poorly of women. Worst case scenario, women have to work more than one job just to equal the pay of one man. That thought was just one of many going through my mind last night.

Trump's view of immigrants is just depressing. What makes them any different then us? We are all humans and that doesn't seem to matter. My favorite response to immigration was, "would you be willing to break the law for you family?". I was listening to a comedian the other night and he talked about how America is the greatest even on a bad day. He came to the states legal has traveled to different places and America is still his favorite. So why do we need to make it great again? I used to talk to a lot of people who traveled at my last job and someone who visited Europe told me that it is not okay to ask restaurants for ice. Right, ice? Not a big deal to us, but that's the point we have so many things that we are used to that other countries aren't. 

And finally Trump's view of LGBTQ men and women.... Why? Again it's the same thing they are people too. So why is he openly stating that he is anti-LGBT. He really does come off as someone who believes that he is above everyone. 

Finally, what do you think is going to happen when he has to go to another country to discuss treaties or trade deals. There is such a high risk of the US losing other countries as allies and making trade deals that people may not want to work with us because he seriously offended the countries leader.

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