Planning Your Story

Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do when you are trying to write a story is plan it out. You can plan in great detail or you can plan it vaguely.

I myself recently tried to plan out a story and I planned my mine with about a medium amount of detail, enough for me to get from Point A to Point B, but not too much that it include dialogue in the planning. I also don’t plan that far ahead in case when I am writing the story if I change something it doesn’t case me to have to go back to plan and rewrite some of it because of the change.

My story planning looks a bit like this:

  • Chapter ___
    • Brief layout of the chapter
      • This part is filled with a more detailed Point A to Point B description i.e. who talks to who, intro new character, any debates/arguments, new places, or a change in character.

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Published by AJ Ash

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