I've played Battlefield since BF3. The series is simply awesome. The community fantastic (well, when compared to Call of Duty kids) and Battlefield is where I met my best friends.

Battlefield 1 open beta is available to everyone starting today, Wednesday, August 31st. You should jump in on this one if multi-player shooters are your thing.

I haven't been this excited over Electronic Arts games since my SEGA Genesis days!

I'm probably a wee bit biased here, but so far it's everything I hoped it would be. Keep in mind I've been waiting for a WW1 shooter for ages now. I played the hell out of Red Baron so the ability to take to the skies in those fragile tinder boxes of WW1 once again peaked my interest from the very first time I saw the BF1 reveal.

Battlefield 1 is a return to simpler times. The good old days. When mum would sing us to sleep but now kill-streaks stress us out... (see what I did there? Pop-culture reference, kids!) Sorry, I'm listening to music while I write this.

Okay, people. This can't be review of the game. Electronic Arts and DICE have yet to screw up its release (coughBF4coughBF4cough). This isn't going to be a bitch-fest either. I am going to bring up the potential problems I see. I played this game for most of yesterday, but without my crew (talking to you Eric, Red, Sam & Lip) it's hard for me to really focus and delve into as I'm not used to nor do I have the patience for the idiosyncrasies of random teammates.

Presentation is key and the devil is in the details as even the lingo is historically accurate.

What you get in the beta is one HUGE map (one that is much bigger than Trump's ego–according to EA), Sinai Desert, and two game modes, Conquest and Rush. The game is gorgeous on the Xbox One, it might not be good enough for all the elitist PC gamers out there but no one cares what those whiny gits think anyway.

The setting is fantastic, you can ride around on a horse like Lawrence of Arabia and decimate pretty much everyone around you (which I'm not sure is a good thing). There's places on the conquest map for infantry to patrol and not be under the watchful eye of the many snipers who will undoubtedly be doing that whole bravery of being out of range thing (talking to you, Sam). Presentation is key and the devil is in the details as even the lingo is historically accurate. I have to laugh every time I hear conquest point B referred to as Butter, and A as Apple (the NATO phonetic alphabet had not been developed yet). Rush comes back and it makes more sense blowing up or protecting telegraph stations than it did blowing up MCOM computers in previous versions of Battlefield.

The classes have changed somewhat. Assault is pretty much an engineer (minus the repairing); good in close quarters combat and equipped to take out vehicles. The Medic does the healing, reviving and will hold his own in medium range engagements and with his rifle grenades he'll be able to get that smoke further out to provide cover for his brothers in arms. Support is pretty much the same with his devastating LMGs, ammo packs and traps. The Scout class hasn't changed from the long distance camper–I mean, target acquisitioner–they've always been. Scouts get K-Bullets which apparently are good for targeting vehicle weak spots (maybe, i don't know, hiding behind rocks on mountaintops ain't my thing).

I'm not one to reinvent the wheel. Check out the following videos on YouTube to get you in the groove faster:

This one is going to get me into a lot of trouble with the Battlefield veterans. 

Now for the bitch-fest. Oh wait... I promised not to do that. Okay, folks. Less bitching, gotchya. That said, I do see a few problems. Some that are simply tied to it being a beta and others to game mechanics that could potentially unbalance the game.

You got your basic weird rag doll physics and graphical glitches that are endemic to any beta that I'm sure DICE will suss out before the release. Though vaulting needs to be tweaked a little and has been an issue that was overlooked by DICE before.

Tanks are a little overpowered. Yeah, this one is going to get me into a lot of trouble with the Battlefield veterans. But hear me out. I'm totally fine with repairing a tank without exiting it. The tanks in WW1 had engines inside the tank crew's compartment and therefore it's quite feasible to be able to repair the tank without exiting it. However, this is going to be devastating as people get better at the game. Tanks no longer have to back off their assault to initiate repairs and can stay in the battle with the driver repairing and his crew holding off all the potential tank-busters. Repairing a tank without exiting, while totally feasible because the engine is in the crew compartment, ignores one major problem for tank crews of that era; carbon monoxide poisoning. The longer the tank crew stays in the tank their aim and navigation abilities should deteriorate unless they exit and air out the tank for a brief period. I personally believe this dynamic is all that's needed to balance the tank.

The planes don't feel like I'd hoped.

I have 5.1 surround on my Xbox, and while I don't play it loud because my wife would kill me, I can't hear the horses for the life of me. It's like you're standing there one moment and you're dead the next. If horses are galloping around you're going to hear them. This, along with their large amount of health, makes horses seem overpowered as well right now.

The planes don't feel like I'd hoped. Granted, Red Baron was one of the most accurate simulations ever created in its time, but I just don't get the feel and tension I think you should when flying the planes of this era. In Red Baron if you took a turn or dove too fast you could hear the stress on the wings as they began to strain against the g-forces. I don't see that represented in BF1. For a game that prides itself on realism this was a little disappointing for me. Not enough to make me hate the game, though. I'm sure I'll be flying more in BF1 than I did in BF3 or BF4. I never liked jet-fighter combat, I'm more of a cerebral strategist and modern air combat is too fast paced for me.

Finally–and I'm not sure if it's because of the desert colored uniforms on a desert background–but enemies are really hard to see and differentiate from friendlies. This could be intentional, I'm not sure. But it's kind of annoying running past someone you should've shot only to get stabbed in the back a second later.

There's my Battlefield 1 Beta review. Quick, short and simple. Please like and share on your social media. Thank you for reading and please visit my blog if you get the chance or are really, really bored.

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