How to get rid of skin tags

How to get rid of skin tags

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A small, soft, flesh-colored gentle, and non-cancerous skin growth which is often harmless, but annoying common pump on the skin is referred to as a skin tag. At times, someone may experience one or hundreds of tags on their skin. The most common personnel’s who experience such a problem are middle-aged and obese adults.

Since they may happen to annoy, people tend to look for ways of removing them. Skincell pro supplement can you you to remove your mole and skin tags.


Below are ways that you can remove the tags and moles.

Ways that one can remove Skin Tags and Moles Permanently

To remove skin tags at the comfort of your room, you don’t have to go for any long distance to get the tags or moles removed. Also, you don't have to need a 2nd party to help you but you can always do it by yourself.

Home Remedies for Removing Skin Tags and Moles

Sometimes skin tags or moles may not need treatment or visitation to your doctor, but you can choose to eliminate them using the available products already within your cabinet of medicine or the kitchen. The main secret behind skincell pro mole and skin tag remover is by shrinking and then falls off. Below are some of the home-based remedies:

1.  Apple cider vinegar

To use this approach successfully, first of all, soak the piece of cotton swap into apple cider vinegar, allow it to suck the right amount of vinegar, then put the entire cotton swab on your skin where there is the tag. Rub it for up to 15- 30 minutes and wash the skin. Do these steps daily for some weeks to let the acid in apple vinegar break down the tissues surrounding your skin tag.

2.  Vitamin E

Given that vitamin E is the antioxidant which stretches the wrinkles on the skin and keeps it healthy, therefore, using vitamin E that is over the skin tag which cause a growth vanishing within some days. To let the tag fall off, keep messaging the tag with oil over your skin for a couple of days.

3.  Garlic

Through the reduction of the inflammation of the skin, then garlic can improve the way your skin appears. For you to naturally remove the skin tags and moles then you will have to apply the crushed garlic on the tag, following step, is you to cover your area with the bandage overnight. Earlier the morning wash the area with and then repeat the same process until you see the skin tag shrieked.

4.  Tea tree oil

With the antiviral and antifungal properties from the tea tree oil, then it is recommended to be safe for use on your skin. The procedure of using this remedy is: First, make sure that you wash the affected area, and then with the Q-tip or Cotton swab, gently massage your oil over the skin tag. Keep repeating the same processes until the tag falls off.

5.  Using banana peel

As a result of a vast number of anti-aging components existing in the banana peel. Then it makes them an ideal choice for the tags problem. The procedure of using a banana peel is through covering your tag with a banana peel then closes it with a bandage and allows it to stay overnight. Perform this exercise daily until the tag peels off from the skin of your body.

6.  Over-the-counter products for skin tags

Along with the home remedies that we have discussed, there still exist several over-the-counter products that we can find more important. This can be a product at the grocery and drugstores which can safely remove the skin tags without any effects. Since freezing kits use cryotherapy, they need an extremely low temperature of about -4 degrees F to -58 degrees F to destroy the unwanted skin tissues.

Also, it is recommended that looking on OTC wart or the skin tag removal kits which reaches the lowest temperatures when used appropriately. Again, you can use removal devices, such as a pair of sterile scissors to get rid of tags. Pointed out again is the use of creams. Although they may irritate they turn out to be an effect.

7.  Application of Iodine

With its acidic nature, when applied to the extended tag, iodine kills the moles or the tag’s cells hence altering the survival of the tag

8.  A mixture of baking soda and castor oil

To use this kind of tricky, then you will have to follow the advised steps, First of all, clean the area around your tag or mole, mix the castor oil and baking soda in the same pot or cup, Then apply the mixture to the tag then allow it to stay overnight. Then wash it in the morning as you keep repeating these steps until the tag or mole falls off.

What causes skin tags?

With the discussions above, one may be wondering, what causes skin tags. Now herein, the following are the possible agents that cause skin tags:

As per the study carried out in the year 2008, it was found that one of the possible causes is the human papillomavirus (HPV). This study was archived by analyzing 37 skin tags from various people's skins.

Due to insulin resistance which may lead to type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes was also an assumption to play a role in the emergency of skin tags. This is because there is no absorption of glucose from the bloodstream as a result of insulin resistance. Also from a similar study that was done in 2010, the presence of multiple skin tags was associated with insulin resistance as well as high body mass index and high levels of triglycerides.

Finally, skin tags may also be said to be caused by pregnancy because of pregnancy hormones and weight gain. Sometimes tags can be a result of hormone imbalance and endocrine problems.


Skin tags and moles are not harmless in most cases, then why do you have to remove them, well maybe they make you feel uncomfortable or ashamed, if this is so then you got the possible ways you can remove the tags from your skin. Therefore following any of the remedies we discussed and you will have your skin smooth again.

Though unavoidable, the causes of skin tags have been put clear in the article too. Skin tags can grow from small to medium and at times they may be filled with tissue, fluid, or both. Nodules may also be located inside your body where you cannot see or feel them.

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