What is a Credit Bureau? List of Top 5 Credit Report Agencies in India

What is a Credit Bureau? List of Top 5 Credit Report Agencies in India

Mar 30, 2021, 7:11:16 AM Opinion

The moment you apply for a personal loan, the loan provider finds out every minute detail about you so that it can approve your loan. Now, this information is gained from which body? It is the credit bureau that gives all the credit information about you so that the creditors or the loan provider can judge you. Every minute of information related to loan, debt, debt repayment, and all details will be given to the loan provider so that you are all good to get approval. The loan providers take all kinds of credit-related information from the credit bureau so that you are easy to apply. The personal loan provider will get all the information about you from this credit bureau so that they get a detailed insight about you. Here is the top credit bureau of all time.


  • Transunion Credit Information Bureau: This is one of the best-recognized credit bureau agencies that handle the credit information of 600 million customers. Almost 32 million businesses are handling their information with the help of this credit bureau. It is one of the eminent bureaus that are trusted by financial institutions.
  • Experian: It is the only SEBI recognized credit bureau organization that is in function. The Experian credit bureau is a great one that is used by financial institutions and customers to check the credit report and score easily. It works both on business and customers on an individual basis and inclusive of the credit report.
  • Equifax: Equifax is the third-largest credit bureau of all times and it is the best one for individuals and businesses too. This credit bureau works well for all the customers that are looking ahead for credit score or risk score in a short period. It is easy to handle all the credit-related queries and the customers can get a complete insight into their credit journey before they borrow.
  • Credit Rating Services of India Limited: This credit bureau works to offer the best credit rating to both customers and businesses. It was introduced in the year 1987 and works only for the big companies and enterprises.
  • CRIF: This organization works for small and medium enterprises, businesses, organizations, companies, and commercial businesses. Such a credit bureau helps the organization in maintaining the right credit score.


Wrapping up

A credit bureau helps you to maintain your credit journey. Check credit score online with the help of these bureaus and make sure you are keeping yourself updated. The Experian credit score is the best and recognized one.


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