When you work in the legal field, you know that digital forensics can quickly go from something vaguely referenced in your favourite TV dramas to something vital to your case. Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science that involves the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. When you need data retrieval to bolster your case, you'll presumably need support from Digital Forensics Specialists.

Digital Forensics Specialists are generally consulted to research cyber-crimes, crimes that involve a security breach during a system or network. When a cyber-crime occurs, digital forensics specialists can assist in various ways. Their services range from securing tip that has been accessed by hackers to reconstructing data from computers or networks believed to possess been involved in committing a criminal offense and/or breach of contract or breach of legal duty in civil matters.

The field of forensics is straightforward in theory, but complex in practice. It’s a time sensitive, digital archeology.

This archeology increases in difficulty when you’re trying to find data to use during a trial. Information must be preserved during a forensically sound manner to possess evidentiary value! At First Legal, we use our proprietary software to image the drive, creating a replica that preserves the format. Next, we create a working copy, which we will then use to dig for information.

Digital forensics are often useful to corporations also as law firms. For example, if a company has reason to believe that an employee is distributing trade secrets or storing illegal material, they might employ a forensic investigator to help build a case against that employee. While the employee might erase their local data, he or she is unlikely to have access to the office servers. Consequently, winning the case becomes a matter of knowing where to seem . We will create a digital image of the office server and use data fragments to reconstruct what happened.

If you think a digital device contains evidence useful to your case, it's best to get that evidence through a licensed investigator who is very qualified in digital forensics. If you hire a licensed investigator, it means the knowledge collected is legally defensible and uncorrupted. At First Legal, we've various licensed investigators, most with enforcement backgrounds specific to digital forensics.

All these investigators have great qualifications and extensive experience on the stand. This is important because your investigator are going to be called to testify about what they did, their justification for doing it, and therefore the methods they used. A great forensic investigator not only delivers the evidence, but knows the way to manage their vocal inflection. They also know when to seem at the judge and when to seem at the jury. Small details like this can profoundly impact your case, making it crucial that you partner with investigators who know how to testify.

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