5 Reasons You Need Blogger Friends

5 Reasons You Need Blogger Friends

Apr 12, 2019, 4:13:41 PM Life and Styles

Bloggers friends are like work colleagues in the lives of every blogger. When I started blogging, I had zero knowledge what I was doing. I was like a kid who was just learning how to crawl and walk and still needed help. It was a bit of struggles here and there but because I am used to doing everything solo, I kept this up for months. Eventually, I started understanding that I need people who blog too as friends. They are the only ones who will understand what I am going through and guide me where needed.

This was a lot of work for me as I take friendship so sacred and do not just call anyone friends. I started this by attending bloggers event, engaging in collaborations to reach their audience and becoming more visible in the blogsphere.

Looking back on how much I have learnt and gained from having blogger friends, I thought to share a post about it and see if others share the same view with me.



TonyeSalmahLeemah (Late Lunch Hangout with Blogger Friends)

Importance of Having Blogger Friends

#1: Have Healthy Conversation About Blogging 

It is no news that there is a whole lot of unhealthy rivalry and competition out there in the blogging world. In the midst of all these, it is important to have your own circle of blogger friends whom you can share your challenges with. No man is an island and at some point you may get stuck and would need help. Your non-blogger friends would not understand you, trust me. Hence, it is very important to have just a friend or a group of friends to have such conversation with.

Besides, not everyone is genuinely looking out for you. While they may leave ‘slay hard’, ‘kill us’, ‘great post’, ‘a vibe’, comment on your posts and Instagram content, they may care less what you do or not do. Only your friends would call you out and correct you where necessary.




#2: Help and Support Each Other

Prior to when I started having genuine blogger friends, I had to learn everything on my own. You all know how stressful blogging can really be especially if you are just learning the ropes. But with friends whose interest aligns with yours, it gets easier to get quick tricks and tips to figuring it out.

You also get to collaborate and support each other along the line. There’s the option of linking back to each other’s blog, promoting each other’s work on social media, leaving great feedback on posts, among many others.

#3: Photo Shoot

Depending on the type of blogger you are, taking quality pictures for your blog is one great challenge most style bloggers have. If you have blogger friends who can take great pictures, you can choose to collaborate with them or just beg them to take you good pictures. I remember a time I had to collaborate with some friends for a photo shoot which I ended up using for a post on body image.



Other times, they just come up with great ideas for shoot and this help you create more awesome content for your blog or social media pages.



#4: Different Opinions

Like I said in the intro, blogger friends are like work colleagues or even classmates in school. You know that moment when you have this idea but bringing it into reality is looking like a big deal. And then you share with someone who also knows how these things work and bam, you get so inspired on how to do it differently and excellent.

Getting different perspectives is one of the perks of having blogger friends who genuinely look out for you and want you to be better. Sometimes, this would work only when you ask. So do not just assume they should help you but always ask for that help when you need it. It could be on how to pair an outfit, blog topics, instagram feed ideas, or even as minute as the right photo edit.

#5: Bloggers Hangout

The first couple of years after I moved to Abuja, I had zero friends. I spend my weekends enjoying my own company and that of my family. Since I started blogging and recognizing the importance of friendship, I started having time to unwind. I started to meet more people and understanding how beneficial a social circle can be. In fact, I became less introverted and enjoy the offline life for what it’s worth.



Hangouts can help you really come out of your shell and help you realize that you aren’t the only one having the challenge you are currently dealing with. It helps you get more experienced as a blogger and figuring out diverse way to become better.

Do you have blogger friends and what have you benefited from your friendship so far? Do you agree it is important to keep such circle or it’s unhealthy? Let’s have a conversation.

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