Dating AWriter

Dating AWriter

Aug 11, 2016, 4:13:37 PM Creative

There’s no better joy than when your writings are appreciated or when someone can actually refer to a line of your midnight musings and say, ‘Oh that part made me feel so special.’


The beauty of art is in appreciation.


I was having this thought about the beauty of a  writer dating a writer the other night, and I tried searching for pictures that fit this. I was really shocked when I saw loads of pros and cons about the benefit and pain of dating a writer.


In my own perspective, I feel it is a blessing. This particular picture really got to me. Who are the people that come up with these stuffs sef?…lolssss


A writer would definitely need a muse. It could be anybody or anything. Your relationship with them makes you a ready made muse. That doesn’t mean you are a material or specimen to be dissected for daily analysis. It only shows how well appreciated you are to have been infused into art. Except of course you are presented in a bad light, otherwise…you have no case.



While I was an undergraduate, I had this notebook I write my thought on almost on a daily. I never thought of blogging then and that was my own ‘personal blog’. My bobo was my personal muse. Whenever we have a fight, I write. When we are happy, I write. When we pass or fail an exam, I write. But the annoying thing then was, he doesn’t seem as excited as I was whenever I read it to him. That makes me feel like whatever I have written is junks. So most times, I just scribble these words and put them underneath the bed.



Until a fellow female writer picked it up one fateful day and was amazed at the beauty of my words. She could connect with every line and would even tell me the situation that must have given room for the words. You can imagine my joy and happiness. And after that day, I resumed my writing with so much vigor damning his reaction towards them. 



The most wonderful part of this is when a writer dates/marry a writer…sweet Jesus…their home would be filled with quotes and heart renderings hung on the wall as a portrait sharing every moment in the most beautiful, carefully selected words.



So I think every writer should give the choice of dating a writer a thought. Not necessarily though but I think it is a beautiful idea if you find one you love…

What do you think?


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