Apr 9, 2017, 12:03:00 AM Creative

​Kudi, the beautiful one taunting the beast in men,

Kudi, the delicate one men harm each other over,

Kudi, the one with no royal blood which the royals postrate to,

Kudi, the headline of everyday news,


Kudi, the one I always believe to be a fairytale,

Coz in the course of my wandering,

we never cross path,

I always discredit the credibility of her news

They say seeing is believing



On a cool evening moving aimlessly as I usually do,

the dead meet the living, its was the precious one,


Kudi right in front of me,

I staggered upon her view and turn statue,

Imaginations took over my head,

All my fantasy came forward looking realized,

I believe this is God sent I try grabbing her,

I was repel by the pack of men by her side,

Right into the ditch I was dropped


Now I am a believer,

And realized that only the strong can get her,

Working hard also get one on her lane


Kudi, am coming





Published by Akintola Akindele

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