Super Lady [EWA]

Super Lady [EWA]

Apr 14, 2017, 6:05:15 PM Creative

When my heart was shattered like ashes over the river,

By my one and only love,

I ran away crying like a baby,

Burnt by fire for the first time,

Never thought I would be able to do it again,



My heart flies away on the mention,

Of the four sacred word LOVE


Not until I came across you,

The epitome of beauty

The best of ladies



The one with a magnetic character
Your face is a shining jewel,

Which has eclipse my heart,

Your smile so innocent like a new born baby,

Your teeth white like snow,

Every time you shine your light,

My heart skips, my brain stop working,

Leaving my mind to ponder every second,

Pondering on how my life will be with you,



How happy I would be,

How the sleepless night will be over,

You have charmed my heart,

Even mama’s prayers can’t break the jinx,

You are my super lady.

Published by Akintola Akindele

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