Restaurant video games: A brief history

Restaurant video games: A brief history

Oct 13, 2021, 6:41:54 AM Entertainment

Video games come in various forms - some are related to sports, others are about puzzles, strategy, shooting, and more. No matter what these games are about, they all fight for our attention through an addictive storyline, gameplay, and colorful, bright graphics. With a rich history dating back a few decades, it’s not uncommon to come across video games - be it on PC, Xbox, PS, or on social media channels, that reflect fantasy worlds and offer sci-fi sagas. But sometimes people may simply be looking for something to pass time, and that is where a Facebook restaurant game, simple puzzle game, or other simulations, shine.

In the last decade, we’ve continuously come across games that reflect the contemporary careers of the modern world. We’ve witnessed games centered on hospitals, plumbing, city planning, piloting, and more. This is what brings us to today’s topic of discussion - the many restaurant games online.

Fast-paced work environments have always piqued the interest of game developers and this is why we see so many games about contemporary careers. In fact, savvy developers have even found ways to include a simple restaurant concept and idea into addictive gameplay. This has led to the surge in demand for restaurant and cooking-related simulations. Pioneering programmers have successfully created games centered on the restaurant business and the overall hospitality business.

The arcade years of restaurant games

The dawn of the video game age saw people enjoy simple yet inventive games using joysticks on coin-operated cabinets. Such games had primitive graphics, tinny sound effects, and were typically designed to steal more of your money. Though quite rudimentary by today’s standards, they actually laid the foundation of what we have today.

Video games at home

The advancing technology and the subsequent rise in the home console market allowed individuals to bring their favorite games back home. This was a brand new avenue and a big push for video games. Instead of traveling to arcades, people fond of gaming could actually bring the action back home. It was a revolution in the gaming industry. Such games featured a more expansive world encouraging a multi-directional path, different gaming levels, and better game mechanics.

Age of simulations

By the late 90s, Personal Computers were no longer reserved for scientists alone. They had become a common sight at homes and the newness had worn off. More and more started using computers for work, shopping, playing games, and surfing the internet. The feature of expandable memory allowed people to explore open-world gaming - one that didn’t bind them to a single narrative. Thus, a legion of simulation games popped up, allowing gamers to dip their toes into any industry and test their mettle. The concept translated well and simulation games witnessed tremendous success.

Games on mobile phones

With the arrival of smartphone technology and the proliferation of internet connectivity, the video game industry witnessed a humungous response. These games no longer need expensive consoles or bulky hardware, and the players have started getting hooked to these while in line at the grocery store or even during their morning commute to work. The updated mechanics, better graphics and storyline, all contributed to people’s interest in Facebook restaurant game and similar gaming apps. In fact, in recent years, such games have become a staple genre. The management simulation, cooking amazing dishes and keeping customers happy, and hiring chefs from around the globe, together work in favor of these.

Key takeaway

Throughout gaming history, we’ve seen developers add tons of new ideas and features, thereby recreating the restaurant experience, making the games more and more interesting with each passing iteration. Thus, the new Facebook restaurant game or restaurant games on Android and iOS stores is a culmination of all the effort that’s been put in since the start of the gaming industry.

Check out some of the many restaurant games on Facebook, and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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