Best Shoes to Wear With Capris and Cropped Pants

Best Shoes to Wear With Capris and Cropped Pants

Dec 28, 2020, 1:28:28 PM Life and Styles

Capris and cropped pants though stylish and trending at the moment are quite tricky to wear. Cropped pants and capris were the main attraction for the summer fashion trends of 2020 especially with the pandemic forcing people to stay inside. One new thing that was observed was people wearing wider cropped pants, which are much easier to carry by people of all sizes. 

Many people across the globe have mentioned the struggle of wearing cropped pants and capris is real as they make your legs look shorter as the length is well below the knee but above the ankle. 

Fashion changes have been observed across the globe throughout history. It is a little difficult to adapt to new styles and understand what can make you look good or bad. This is how things happen you know, something new is developed which allows up to broaden our horizons. The thing is it takes tie to accept a change, until and unless you were aware of the upcoming changes. 

There are certain tricks and trips that are being used to make wearing capris and cropped pants easier and flattering. These trips and tricks include both do’s and don’t on the type of footwear to wear with capris or cropped pants.

The trick here is to make your lower leg look longer. So to avoid making yourself look shorter avoid the following type of shoes:

  1. Do not wear formal leather shoes like oxfords or brogues.
  2. Do not wear heavy and big sporty shoes. (Avoid thick socks too)
  3. Avoid loafers at all costs
  4. Any shoe with thick soles should be avoided

Now that we covered a few options on what not to wear, let’s discuss a few options on what should you wear along to make your capris and cropped pants look better:

  1. Leather Sandals: You can wear leather sandals with thin straps. However, the straps should not go over your ankle. This gives an illusion of a lean lower leg and does not make you look stumpy. Try to wear leather sandals of the same colour as that of your Capri or a lighter colour like peach or light brown. 
  2. Leather Chappals: You can wear leather chappals along with your cropped pants or capris to complete your cute summer look. They provide the required space between your footwear and pants to avoid making your legs look thick. They are flat and casual. They are comfortable to wear as well. Again chose a light colour or a colour matching the colour of your pants for your leather chappals.
  3. Sneakers: Avoid wearing clunky sneakers. Wear sleek and comfortable canvas sneakers. They should have no heels. Sneakers come in so many colours and designs for you to choose from. You can choose one which matches your personality. They are very modern and stylish. They are just perfect for all kind of attires actually. They have been now worn even by grooms and brides.
  4. Leather shoes: In leather shoes, you can wear pumps. If you wear things like platform pumps they will make you look ridiculous. Trust us, the whole look just ends up making you look frumpy and someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. A leather shoe like a pump or any other open shoe would elongate your leg and make it look much more elegant. Even more so if they have heels. In this, we would recommend you to wear the same colour heels as that of the colour of your pants. This gives your overall look a sense of symmetry and definition. 

Even with all the issues, the cropped pants and capris look very trendy and are very popular. They can make a person appear casually classy. You may or may not look good depending on what shoes and socks you pair them with.  They are the perfect attire for a summer day out and are quite playful. Along with choosing your shoes correctly for a short pant look, you can try some other small hacks like wear a top which is short in length, make sure your pant legs are tapered, etc. There are a lot of ways to make your cropped pants and capris look amazing. 

Published by Akshit Sharma

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