_Funny enough, you've never really heard anything new in your entire life._
All the sermons and Truth that you will ever know is this: *"Love God with your whole Existence and Love all people the same way you Love your own Self."*
_This is the one and only thing that God wants of us but it appears to be too simple and so, we (preachers, leaders, parents, professionals and others) spend so much time trying to teach ourselves this simple sermon by making it complex._
_Worst of all; we spend much more energy criticizing those who have refused to follow our complex thoughts and concepts about something so simple. *"Are you too simple to appreciate a simple Truth?"*, I ask myself. And maybe you should ask yourself too._
Anyways it's my September, you call it the 9th month in your Gregorian calendar but it's the 7th month in the Jewish calendar, so whether it's the perfect seventh or the fruitful ninth, it's surely great for me! And you?
*Some people are only poor because they are afraid of offending God but you're already offending God by being poor. If you cannot go out boldly, knowing that God is covering you, what then can you do?*
_God is LOVE and they that live for God must live in Love and in Truth. So what do you love and better still,WHO do you love? God is all about people so go ahead and do something for those you love today. If you have no job, go out and show love to someone.
Money is not love and God did NOT say, "Give me all your money and give your neighbor all your money while you starve". No. *God's language is LOVE and we all speak this same language.*_
Don't listen to too many preachers or political speeches or news or all these talking talkers who tell you to be careful. No! *Just get up and get out there. The world is yours to rule; go take it!*
To hell with fear of sin or fear of hell. Perfect LOVE fears no hell and perfect LOVE is God's love towards you. I cancel hell in your life today and it is cancelled in heaven right now! God knows and loves you personally.
And if you believe that God has spoken these words, you shouldn't be afraid to knock September down because you're made by the same God that made September, so you and September are meant to co-operate!

Published by Al Phacarl


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