Composed of a million tales!


Composed of a million tales!

Dec 6, 2016, 2:14:49 AM Creative

Image yours, was merely a reflection,
Composed of a million tales.

Each creation held dear a story,
Declaring sin, different perceptions,

Claimed some, path every lead to thee,
Yet claimed others, lead to thee path none!
Said some, words yours are in books such,
Yet argued some, universe manifests books none!

Philosophy struggles defining You in words,
Science struggles denying You in works,
Mysticism struggles determining You in worlds,
Religion struggles developing You in terms,

Yet found You, one who found none!
Denied by religious, rejected by philosophers, ridiculed by scientists, refrained by mystics,

Those who found, realized you were none, but one who exists in everyone!
This too however, was a lie sweet, reality yours is defined not not by none!

#poetry #philosophy #words #drama #passu#hunza#mountains #spirtual #mysticism #God#undefined#unknow #lost #wander

Published by Alamgir Khan

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