Rope Suspended Platforms – What are the Top Safety Features?

Rope Suspended Platforms – What are the Top Safety Features?

Jul 1, 2021, 10:24:54 AM Business

A Rope Suspended Platform is a top necessity when it comes to working at a great height. It can be used in construction, renovation, cleaning and many other jobs. Know about some of the major safety features in these types of platforms.

Anti-Tilt Safety Lock

The safety lock is activated in case the primary rope breaks. Through the 2nd rope, it arrests RSP operation.

Anti-Sway Restriction

The RSP swaying in the horizontal plane is prevented by this system. Another wire rope can pass through the platform’s attached sway arrestor roller. It can give the platform a thrust, and make it stay in the horizontal plane minus any swaying action. It can be used separately or as Fall Arrestor, as and when required.

Anti-Tilting Cut off

It is a protection feature that can ensure loading is even across the platform. In case the load happens to be more on a side, there would be an unsafe state as the suspended working platform would be tilted. After the angle of the platform gets tilted over 4°, the protection system gets actuated and the power supply is cut off.

Electromagnetic Brake with Manual Release

Here, Hoist motor is there as the main holding device, along with the electromagnetic brake. If there is a power failure, the cradle would be lowered to the level of the ground by the Manual release mechanism.

Hot dip Galvanized

Hot-dip galvanizing is the method of having fabricated steel dipped into a vet or kettle, which has molten zinc. This is an inherently easy process, which offers a distinct benefit over other methods of corrosion protection.

Digital / Manual Overload Cut-off with display and Load cell

The overload limit switch helps prevent cradle overloading by notifying the operator. The electronic load cell which is fitted on the platform would measure the load. A digital or manual load display is compulsory as well.

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