Welcome To Alanaaaaxoxo­čîŞ

Welcome To Alanaaaaxoxo­čîŞ

Hello My Lovies :) x

   So this is my first ever blog post for you all, it may not be an exciting one but, I would like for you to know who I am and what you can expect from me :) 

   My Name is Alana Bauld I am 23 years old and I am from Scotland, I am a full time working and I also blog and I am a youtuber. I have a youtube channel called "Alanaaaaxoxo" which is all about beauty, so makeup, skincare, nailcare, haircare, bodycare etc... i also film fun videos like tags, and challenges. I also daily vlog :) so I do a little bit of everything.  

   I love being creative and experimenting with makeup is so theraputic and relaxing, i love all the different colours and forumulas and textures. Some people see make up as covering up I used it to express my feelings and they way I feel, yes it can cover imperfections and make us look like a totally different person but its not all about that.

  I post twice a week on my youtube channel so I will be posting twice a week on here also, it wont always be about makeup,i will be doing cooking posts and mini hauls, lifestyle and fitness posts. so there will be something you MIGHT enjoy :) 

   Anyway I think i have written enough for todays post, my next post with be on sunday 4th I have no idea what it is going to be yet but we shall see :) 

   I hope you are all having an amazing day, 

     Much Love 



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