Lasting Impressions

Isn't it funny how a person can make such a big impact on your life. How people that you barely know, and people that you love, and everyone in between has the ability to impact you. Change you. Mold you into the best possible version of yourself. 

And most of the time you don't even realize the little markers that somebody leaves in your life. They go completely unnoticed until that new word, or new outlook, or new genre of music just seems like it has always been apart of you. And sometimes you might look back and realize that that piece of you actually came from somebody else. And other times it might be too late before you realize that something about you has changed. And you might not ever notice that the stranger you passed on the street, wearing a band that you've never even heard of on their t-shirt, actually influenced this new found love in your life. 

On one hand it's extremely scary to think that even though you are completely original and your own person, there has been hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of people who played a part in shaping you. And on the other hand it's immensely overwhelming, in the best possible way, to think that you are made up of all these different people and yet you still are this one of a kind version that no body can ever take away from you. 

Which means, ultimately, that if you believe you are made up of all these other people then this means that other people are made up of pieces of you too.  

People that you love, people that you've lost, people that you don't even really know are made up of a part of you. And it might not be significant but it also might be this essential building block that is now used as a major support beam to their lives and to themselves. 

And in my opinion this could be the best possible thing in the world, or it could be the worst. Because as a human you have the ability to pass off the absolute best parts of yourself. You have the chance to change somebody. The ability to improve somebody's quality of life. You have all the power in the world to change this universe into something better depending on the piece of yourself that you pass out to those around you. 

Which seems like so much responsibility and such a huge task to take on. Until you realize that a simple smile has the effect to change someone's entire mood. That random unannounced small gestures - like paying for someone's coffee in the drive through behind you - gives you the power to completely change someone's day and they don't even know your name. 

The absolute best part about being made up of so many different people, in my opinion, is the fact that everyone around you shares the same burden and the same responsibility and the same power. Which means you don't have to take on the entire world, you just have to take on a small piece in order to make this world and the people around you just a little bit better. 

Published by Alana Pickrell


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