A Complete Pondicherry Travel Guide

A Complete Pondicherry Travel Guide

Dec 11, 2020, 5:19:57 AM Life and Styles

We all know India is full of diverse cultures and languages. Every state has its speciality and is unique from others. You will get to see people speaking different languages, having different cuisines and following different religion and cultures. There are many historical places around which attract lakhs of tourists each year. Every historical monument and attractions have a very interesting history behind it. The warmth and welcoming nature of Indian people is loved by everyone.

Among all the states, Pondicherry is known for its rich heritage and culture with soothing coastal experience. It is a union territory bounded by Tamil Nadu. The weather, coastal area with luxury cottages attracts many tourists to relax and enjoy themselves away from their stressful lives. If we go into its history, it was known as ‘Puducherry’, which used to be a French colony. The French people use to live there but now it is infused with south people and its culture having their heritage.

Following are the points which will help you to know about Pondicherry:

  • How to reach- Pondicherry is well connected with the cities and states by bus and train. To reach Pondicherry you have two options. First is from Chennai and this is the most opted route taken by people. The distance is 150 kms. You can travel by bus or car. The second option is Bangalore and you can travel by bus, train and flight. The distance is approximately 310 kms if chosen the shortest route. Now recently the flights are available from Mumbai and Delhi as well.
  • Weather- The best time to visit Pondicherry is during monsoon and winter. The temperature ranges from 25-35 degree Celsius. During summers, the temperature is quite warm and the temperature reaches 45 degree Celsius which is quite unpleasant.
  • Heritage and culture- In ancient time, this place was fully equipped by French people. So there are many French Quarters, buildings and houses that belong to French Colonial times. So these attractive vibrant buildings attract the attention of many tourists. And surely you will feel the French vibes. The culture of Pondicherry is very welcoming and warm. The aura of filtered coffee in French concept towns and café is loved by everyone.
  • Language- The official language is Tamil, spoken by many. Also Telugu, Malayalam, French and English are the language known by the majority of people. French is also widely spoken by the locals.
  • Explore food- Pondicherry is full of French-based food including croissants, coq au vin with coffee and also south Indian food such as sambar, dosa, uttapam, idli etc which are worth trying. There are numerous hotels, restaurants and fancy café in every corner providing best customer service.
  • Hotels- The hotels in Pondicherry are very aesthetic and one will surely love staying there. You will find all kinds of hotels like sea-facing hotels or French concept hotel or home-like stay or sober ashrams. You can choose one according to your liking and budget. But, surely, you will love the stay whatever you select.
  • Visit places- To travel, you can rent a bike as it is the best and cheapest form of transportation to see the city. You can explore and enjoy on the streets. You can also walk on the clean roads with the sea breeze hitting your face. To travel a bit far, you can go by taxi or auto as well.

You will find many beaches and botanical gardens where you can spend some time with yourself. Try their local cuisines and visit the local French cafes for the best treats. For a comfortable and memorable stay, it is always mandatory to choose the hotel which fits your style and budget. You will get many options for hotels in Pondicherry, so it is advisable to go through the list of hotels with internet help. Following points will guide you on how to select a hotel in Pondicherry before booking:

  • Location – It is best to book a hotel in the central location. You will have access to all the famous places and you will able to know and explore the culture within. Also, the places you want to see will not be far. Or before booking, you can go through the locations you want to visit and then choose that hotel which is near to all those locations.
  • Budget- There are many options like sea faced the room, or French theme or simple stay. The price can vary depending upon the style of the room you select. So choose one which best suits your style and budget. Check and compare the prices online for a clear picture. There are plenty of online travel websites offering exciting deals and discounts, so take benefit of them.
  • Feedback- It is not a bad idea to go through the recommendations and review section before selecting. It will help you to get an overview of the stay and services offered by the hotel staff from the previous clients.
  • Amenities- We all look forward to getting some amenities for a comfortable stay. That depends upon the hotel you select and your budget. But you can still enjoy the benefit of luxury amenities by looking for the best on the travel websites.
  • Contact agents- A travel agent or online travel agents are best to guide and assist you to choose the best hotel. As they are aware of the plus and negative points, their bits of help will get you to the right hotel. There are numerous websites to help you out with their support.

So hopefully these points will help you out the find the best hotels in Pondicherry and some other places as well. A comfortable stay, exploring places and spending some time by relaxing at a beach will surely make your trip memorable which you will cherish a lifetime. Also, feel free to visit the online websites to get help in all terms that may be the main attractions, historical places, culture, weather, cuisines and hotels. They are always available with 24x7 customer service support.

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