How To Spot A Heart Attack Before It Happens?

How To Spot A Heart Attack Before It Happens?

Jan 28, 2021, 5:48:24 AM Life and Styles

Every three minutes, one person in the UK dies because of a heart attack. Of the 17.9 million deaths every year globally, the UK contributes nearly 170,000 deaths. Hence, if you want to know how to spot a heart attack before it happens, you are in the right place.  

The increasing demand for excellent Essex clinic

Every five minutes, one person in the UK gets admitted to hospitals because of heart attacks. It makes the total annual hospital admissions to over 100,000. These statistics only emphasize the increasing demand for excellent Essex heart clinic. Only because of such best heart clinics, over 1.4 million people in the UK have survived heart attacks. But with over 900,000 still suffering from heart issues, the demand for such good heart clinics is only increasing every year. 

Ways to spot a heart attack before it happens

With millions across the UK and worldwide suffering from heart issues, it becomes vital for you and all to know the many ways to stop a heart attack before it happens.Though the symptoms of heart attack vary from person to person, there are some common symptoms. But 45% of heart attacks result from SMI or silent myocardial infarction. The name is silent because it does not show any common symptoms before the SMI heart attack occurs to kill people. The following are the ways to spot it before visiting the best Essex heart clinic.

Persons suffering from SMI will have mild symptoms that include:

  • Having inconvenience for a long time in the center of the chest accompanies awkward agony, pressing factor, or crushing. 
  • Pain or pressing factor felt on the chest area like facial structure, neck, stomach, left arms, and back.
  • Shortness of breath or sudden sweating or clamming
  • Lightheadedness with nausea or vomiting

Persons suffering from heart attacks other than SMI will have most of its symptoms along with other danger signs that include

  • Extreme chest annoyance and pressing factor 
  • Intense irritation in the arm, neck, or jaw 
  • Sudden perspiring, tipsiness, and windedness

Risk factors for heart attacks

There are many modifiable risk factors that you can change to avoid a heart attack. It includes:

  • Quitting smoking for good to not let the harmful chemicals block the blood vessels to cause a heart attack
  • Avoiding fatty foods like fries and others to reduce high cholesterol not to narrow the blood vessels
  • Eating healthy food to avoid obesity causes excess fat to block the arteries and cause heart attacks.
  • Avoiding stress and alcohol consumption and doing regular exercises will keep the heart-healthy.

Following the above ways may prevent heart attacks, and in case of spotting the heart attack by the above danger signs, it is best to take the person to the best Essex heart clinic immediately to save a life.

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