Importance Of Policies And Procedures In Adult Day Care

Importance Of Policies And Procedures In Adult Day Care

Nov 10, 2020, 9:14:02 AM Life and Styles

Adult day care has a major contribution in our living society. It’s highly important that people who enrolled themselves in such adult care agencies receive proper care as they expected. Whenever a person uses such service they expect some exclusive personal care. But here a question appears. Are all such day care services providing quality service in return of money? Here the one word answer would be yes. There are some policies and procedures that every adult care agency has to follow strictly. All the agencies that provide such service are bound to carry cqc registration that stands for Care Quality Commission. Any organizations that are providing such everyday service have to register themselves to be officially granted. Such registration ensures every organization follows some policies as these policies carry major importance, such as:-

Ensures staff are well-qualified- People who visit such daily care agencies expect to receive quality service and they will only get that if all the staffs recruited at that agency are enough qualified. Also, these policies ensure staff take care of every individual and report the authority if there is any urgency. 

Ensures privacy- an adult care agency should be strict at maintaining privacy of their clients. Policies under CQC ensure these agencies never disclose any private information like name of the patient, health issues, address and other information like this to any third party. 

Offers person-centred approach- policies that are undertaken by the care quality commission ensures every adult care agency follows a person-centred approach. There should be staff who will be taking care of every person individually and preparing health reports on the basis of such individual monitoring. 

Ensures special care to elderly people- people who reached the age 65 may need some special attention, some more care. They need a special diet plan, daily health check-up and maybe 24*7 hours of monitoring. Procedures and policies in an adult day care ensure these elderly people would be treated with such special care. Breaking any of these policies could be considered a serious offense for such a caregiving organization. 

Free access to documents- such policies includes the rule that patients have full access to the documents that their day care prepares. Under these policies, patients can claim even the paper form of documents or they are also allowed to get it through online websites.

All the above mentioned privileges are under the policies and procedures of CQC. So, before enrolling yourself to any adult care ensure they are carrying above mentioned registration . 

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