Perfect Suit For Your Victory

Perfect Suit For Your Victory

Jun 29, 2020, 5:07:51 AM Sport

If it is your desire to take part in a triathlon such as a sprint or mini, Olympic or international, half Ironman or even an Ironman or are you already a triathlete? Then a question arises on what exactly to wear on the race day.

Triathlon wear has always been there for boys and girls who wish to take part in a triathlon. Yes, when there are different types of garments and workout gears you normally use during your practice sessions as well as the ones you wear during the real race, finding the right one can be a great deal. There are no hard and fast rules on what you should wear in a triathlon except for wearing something that is comfortable to perform well. You need not think any further about the perfect clothing for a triathlon as it is the triathlon suit you need to see your victory after the race.

The tri-suit is designed to be worn in the swim, the bike, and finally the run. You don’t have to remove or change the suit to switch from one race to another because it is made of a moisture-wicking material, which is comfortable, easy to dry, and has a small pad in the short for cycling as well. This will make you feel comfortable throughout the race, unlike the thick chamois pad that is used for cycling. Once you are done with swimming, you will find yourself soaking wet, but within a few minutes you will find yourself not so wet and your suit will be dry once you finish your race.

Triathlon suits are available in different shapes and sizes. Most triathletes prefer triathlon suits because it comes as a one-piece, all-purpose piece of gear that can be worn comfortably right from the beginning of the race to the end until you cool down. It is widely preferred by all the triathletes because it can help you race faster with the comfort it provides. Some people do not prefer to purchase this suit thinking it’s expensive. But they waste their money by purchasing special garments separately for workout, race and other activities. You should know that tri-suits are cost-effective and worth purchasing as it comes as a one-purpose garment.

Normally, these tri-suits are available as:

  • Triathlon suit: One-piece

The manufacturers make these suits in one-piece with a zip at the back, or the rear number to make it fit like a swimsuit with shorts and thin pads. This is perfect as you need not worry about showing your big belly or your top/shirt riding up.

  • Triathlon suit: Two-piece

Here the suit comprises two pieces i.e. matching bottoms and tops to make it convenient to remove or change. These suits are common deals on racecourses. They usually have logos on both the pieces and are also called triathlon kits. You can also mix the tops and bottoms according to your type and race in style.

It is better to wear something that you love and feel comfortable throughout the race, so, Triathlon suit will be your perfect partner for your victory. 

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