How to manage a digital marketing project with the PRINCE2 method

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How to manage a digital marketing project with the PRINCE2 method

Jul 14, 2020, 10:00:24 AM Business

PRINCE2 is a flexible and adaptable project management methodology with can be applied in almost any industry including IT, finance and digital marketing. 

While PRINCE2 is generally used for large-scale projects such as redesigning software infrastructures or planning complex products such as in aviation and aerospace industries, the reality is PRINCE2 is designed to be tailored to fit any project regardless of size or complexity.  

In comparison to other industries, digital marketing projects (particularly organic search or Adword campaigns) only start to see returns after a long period of time. These projects require constant, routine maintenance rather than short, directed actions in a short period of time. 

In contexts such as these, PRINCE2 offers the perfect solution for your project management needs due to its focus on product-delivery, planning and long-term improvements to project management strategy. 

Here are just a few ways in which the PRINCE2 method can benefit your digital marketing project management efforts. 

Defined approaches and documentation 

PRINCE2 focuses a lot of attention on the creation of robust business cases. This document is created before the project is initiated and demands stakeholder define why a project is being created, what its goals are and what by what criteria success will be measured by. 

The details within are always subject to change, after all, flexibility is just one hallmark of the PRINCE2 method. The project business case however, provides reject managers with a static point of reference that can ensure project tasks remain aligned with overall project goals.   

Logical, systematic execution

An essential principle of PRINCE2 is management by stages. PRINCE2 helps plans all the steps of a project and group them into stages. This helps organize long-term projects that include actions which must be completed on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Defining responsibility and accountability

When undertaking a digital marketing project, team-members will have to juggle a lot of tasks. They must possess a wide verity of skills and be competent in IT, copywrite, analytics and more. 

This can make defining the individual roles and responsibilities of each team member quite complicated. PRINCE2 helps streamline the process by clearly defining who the decision-makers of the project are. 

This helps reduce the work of project managers by introducing a ‘management buffer’ between development teams and management teams. When issues arise, PRINC2 ensures there are a number of team members who know that they’re responsible for project governance in any one area. 

Development teams will know who to turn to for advice when problems arise or when there is a conflict of interest.  this goes a long way to creating self-governing, self-organizing team. 

Validation processes 

It is important to know who is responsible for content creation and content validation. One cannot do both simultaneously as validation must be a neutral and objective procedure. 

It can often be difficulty to assign individuals to oversee content validation due to small teams or limited resources. 

PRINCE2 can help make the process easier by providing variable levels of project governance. One of the primary features of PRINCE2 is the ability to tailor one’s methods to suit unique contexts. That means PRINCE2 can also show which validation procedures are required, which are redundant and when validation is too important to be handled by anyone other than upper management. 

Making sure your validation process works in tangent with your development process helps reduce process bloat and redundant documentation procedures. 

Be Agile

Regardless of whether you choose to adopt PRINCE2 principles into your digital marketing project management strategy or not, it’s important to emphasise that all projects need to remain flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstance. 

PRINCE2 can go a long way towards preventing unnecessary delays to project development and minimize risks with correct application of its methods. Project management training can show you exactly how to tailor PRINCE2 to suit your business needs, to ensure you digital marketing efforts always provide returns on investment. 

If you want to go a step further however, consider investing in agile courses. Agile project management strategy can be used in combination with PRINCE2 principles to help create a digital marketing project that can withstand sudden change without becoming totally derailed whilst remaining focused and manageable.

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