Heavy Equipment Made Easy With These Simple Steps

Heavy Equipment Made Easy With These Simple Steps

Aug 27, 2021, 6:14:56 AM Business

Optimum performance is directly proportional to the upkeep and maintenance. Humans or machines, all want a dedicated take-care routine to keep their performance up to the mark.

Talking about machines, one thing is for sure that if we will pay attention to their health, they will for sure pay us back by giving the desired result in their performance. Hence all the heavy equipment must go through check-ups before and after a specific job.

Here are some useful tips for heavy equipment operator courses to take care of their giant friends. 

#1 Preventive Maintenance(PM): 

As they say “Prevention is better than cure”. This is the fundamental concept behind preventive maintenance. Before the big giants break down, measures must be taken to check the heavy machine and its components well in advance before commencing the job for the day. This must be done regularly to avoid problems in future. Preventive maintenance procedures involve regular inspection of the machines. It also includes modifying and replacing the components which may be faulty. Practising PM increases the life of your equipment and reduces the downtime caused by the sudden breakdown of the machine. 


#2 Find Out Major Cause of Machinery Breakdown: 

Resolving issues spotted locally in the machine will only help for a short while. Therefore, in the long run, the operator must try to find out the potential cause of the problem in the equipment before they occur. This way you can save thousands of dollars on their repair and maintain the continuous workflow. 

Anticipating failure is the core value of PM programs. This can only be achieved by knowing the machinery’s or equipment’s structure and operating systems inside out. 

#3 Know Your Machine Thoroughly:  

Having a thorough knowledge of the equipment is an invaluable asset in implementing a preventive maintenance program. This knowledge can be attained by carefully studying and understanding the machine’s equipment manual provided by the manufacturer. These manuals are a great source of all the information required for maintenance and upkeep of the machines like service intervals, recommended operating time, service products to be used and also malfunction and troubleshooting algorithms. Even in the training schools, heavy equipment operator courses have maintenance topics covered in their curriculum.

#4 Train employees in Effective Machinery Operations: 

A machine operator who is well trained in hydraulics and pneumatics is an asset to the firm. They are knowledgeable not only about how to run the machine but also in maintaining each component of the machine in a good working condition. Investing in training the employees in effective machine operations will save you a lot more money in future in repair and replacement work.

#5 Follow factory-recommended Maintenance Manuals: 

All equipment comes with their working instructions and maintenance manuals. These manuals are vital components of a heavy machine just like their metal counterparts. The reason is that a lot of research, experience and talent is put into designing these manuals to make them as comprehensive and yet simple to follow as possible. Hence for increasing the lifespan of our vital machines, factory recommended maintenance manuals must be followed religiously at all times.

#6 Document Maintenance History: 

Everything done but not recorded is futile. Every maintenance check must be documented to keep a track record of the machine’s maintenance routine and get a clear picture of a machine’s history. The documentation must include the date of service, type of service performed, any parts replaced and next service scheduled. This record also acts as proof that the machine has been maintained as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and also supports warranty claims in case of disputes.


These big machines work on the principles of hydraulics and pneumatics that involve complex functioning. And to run these complex functions smoothly, a rigorous maintenance regime must be followed. A piece of well-maintained machine equipment will give a high standard of performance thus increasing the process efficiency and productivity.

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Written by Alex Elmslie

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