Lawyers and Legal Aides: The Two Most Powerful Players in Washington, D.C.

Lawyers and Legal Aides: The Two Most Powerful Players in Washington, D.C.

Jan 18, 2019, 2:02:58 PM News

When someone mentions Washington, D.C., what is the first thing that comes into mind? Most of you will think of U.S. politics. Nonetheless, in terms of profession, lawyers and legal aides are sure to be mentioned almost every time. As the title suggests, they are two of the most powerful players in Washington. Statistically speaking, these may not constitute to be two of the most common jobs, but when you look at the impact of their professions, it is easy to understand why they are dubbed as the most powerful players.

Because of their importance, lawyers and legal aides use the latest technologies that are available, including legal management software, such as what is provided by Rocket Matter. The use of the latter will help law practitioners to become even more powerful players than what they already are!

What Makes Lawyers and Legal Aids Powerful?

Now, you are probably wondering, why are lawyers and legal aids some of the most powerful people in Washington? What gives them too much influence in society? Well, it is perhaps the nature of their job!

The power of the lawyers and legal aids lie on the fact that they hold a central position in the society. This is true not only in Washington but all over the world as well. Especially lawyers, they write laws, rule courts, and hold top positions in the government. 

In one report from Business Insider in 2017, in what seems to be a calculated move by the White House to prepare for policy fights and ethics complaints, it has been reiterated that The Office of the White House Counsel hired 26 attorneys. More so, the report noted that Obama had 41 attorneys at one point during his term. Whoever the president of the country is, the White House hires some of the best lawyers to defend the country’s chief executive. They are of paramount importance for building and protecting the president’s name, which also explains why they are deemed to be amongst the most powerful in Washington.

To add, those in the legal profession are hypercompetitive, especially lawyers. The same may not be exactly the case with legal aids. They are obsessed with prestige and rankings. They are hungry for power. This hunger fuels their desire to become powerful players.

Indeed, lawyers and legal aids are coveted not only because of the lucrative nature of their job but also because of the power that they hold. Therefore, if you are thinking of a career path and you want to be amongst the most powerful players in Washington, D.C., be sure to consider a career in the legal industry! Whether you wish to become a lawyer or a legal aid, make sure to use a law practice management software and take advantage of the legal software features to deliver the best in your job and become as powerful as those that are already established in Washington. 

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