Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Mar 18, 2019, 8:52:53 PM Life and Styles

In the spring and summer, how do you quickly draw a line with passers-by? A pair of sunglasses that feel right is the most refined choice. Exquisite girls don't miss this extra item!

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How to choice sunglasses for yourself

Round face

Selena Gomez、Gigi Hadid

The playful cat's eye sunglasses add some angularity to the face, and the sweetness is accompanied by a little charm, and the whole person's texture is more abundant.


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The face is too narrow and the face is long. To solve this problem, it is important to choose a type of sunglasses that can stretch the lines of the face horizontally! Like the cat's eye sunglasses, the wide and narrow sunglasses style can make the face full and round for a second.


Mainly the line at the mandible is tougher and the outline is clearer. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, pay attention to the curvature, and have a sense of lines and curves to modify the sunglasses. It is suitable for selecting sunglasses with a large area and a square outline.


Oval  is mainly reflected in the chin at the tip of the chin, or it is relatively small, and the choice is still a lot, but it is necessary to avoid some large sunglasses to prevent the sunglasses from covering the face too much.

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