Why Are Used Car Dealerships So Successful?

Why Are Used Car Dealerships So Successful?

Jan 26, 2018, 8:59:45 PM Business

Buying a car is often a time-consuming process, given the amount of choice and wide range of prices available today. Now more than ever, more people are opting to purchase used cars over new models, largely as a result of a squeeze in earnings.

There are also other reasons for used car dealerships proving to be so advantageous to those seeking a new automobile. Here are some of them.

New Car Depreciation

It is an unfortunate fact that a new car’s value depreciates as soon as it is driven off the forecourt for the first time, and typically by between 15-35% by the end of its first year on the road. This means that they can be viewed as a poor investment choice in terms of holding value.

In light of this, used cars can be seen as a better investment, given that depreciation occurs at a much slower rate after the first year of the car’s life.


The truth is that new cars are simply unaffordable for many people, and often require a loan. Since used car dealerships like Motorpoint offer a large selection of different types of cars, it is often far easier to find an affordable car which can be bought outright through them.

It is also much easier to haggle over the price of a car in a used car dealership, as the price assigned to any given vehicle is far more speculative (and they may be intentionally overpriced anyway to account for this).


Perhaps one of the most attractive elements of a used car dealership is the choice it offers to the average person looking to invest in a car. With a variety of models available, customers can choose from a number of different features and specifications, and thus find the perfect car to suit their needs.

With such choice available, used car dealerships can attract customers with different budgets and requirements regarding their desired vehicle, and as such gain a positive reputation for catering to almost everyone’s needs (depending, of course, on the value for money and customer service they offer).

Used car dealerships are often the most cost-effective option when buying a new car. Their range of choice in both models and prices goes a long way in helping customers get value for money, and they could well become and even more popular choice in the coming years as more people choose to buy old cars over new.

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