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‘’A  drop of  mine ,keep  you fit & fine’’—yes   water is the most precious  one.

Without  food one  can live for  a couple of days  but can not take breath   without water for a single  day. Though 70% of the Earth  is covered with water , only 1%  pure water is accessible to us. Due  to the global warming ,changing of the  climates the scarcity or shortage of the  water is hovering fatally over the heads of  the human beings around the world. So we, the  consumer should be alert for wasting water. Especially  the present generations, the future citizens or the sailor  of the future world should have awareness for saving water  .One can save electricity, money , energy indi for himself not only  but the nation indirectly.

Here   are the  7 easy tips  how to save water   in daily life.

1.Turning  off the open  tap.

Where ever  you are if  you can see  the water running   uselessly, turn off  immediate without thinking  others remarks or emotions. Take  actions to stop the leakage if it  is anywhere. Take actions to make the  people alert for wasting the water.

2. Keeping  watch in the  Toilet.

Changing  the old systerns ,as  one time flush away some  gallons of water at a time  approximately. New systers are  aerated so less water flushed out. Leakages  should be stopped if any . Try to flush out  for a few times.

3.Watering  the garden at  the clockwise.

Put  the native  plants instead  of Exotic ones as  they need less water  and don’t need chemicals  for growing. Use water can  instead of the Hosepipe.

Water  your house  garden or plants  in the morning or  in the evening (I;e before  10 am and after 6 pm) as the  weather is cooler and the wind  also less intense at those specified  times. So your plants get wets properly  as the water evaporate less at the twilights.

4. Let  us peep  into the Bathroom.

Keep  watching  ,a single  leakage should  not be there. Try  to cut your timing  for taking shower bath .  Keep a bucket under the shower  during your leath to save the pouring  water into the drain . Use the modern aerated  shower head as it saves some gallons of water  per day.

5.Turn   off the taps.

Turn  off the  tap when you  brushing your teeth  or shaving. During hand wash  as well.

6. Be  aware in the kitchen.

Try  to wash  the vegetables  and fruits or utensils  in a pan instead of running  water as you can use the same  for watering the Eden of your house  I;e garden. Use WATER PURIFIER but the  running out useless water during the purifying  process should be collected in a Pan instead of  letting it run into the drain and water the lawn  or garden.

7. Install  Meter

Install  water meter  so the bill will  keep checking you for  saving water as the huge  amount for paying the due will  force you to save water.

Don’t  waste paper  as making of  the paper wastes  some gallons of water.

Not  only try  to yourself  but try to make  understand others to  save water

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