Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Zipper For You !!!

Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Zipper For You !!!

Feb 11, 2019, 4:20:52 AM Opinion

There are so many projects where zippers are the main components. From boat covers to pillow cover, from sofa covers to pant zippers, zippers are the main component for all. There are a number of zippers are available in the market of various sizes and designs which makes it little difficult to select the right zipper for you.

Here you will get to know about a few things that can help you in choosing the right zipper for you!!!

Size of the zipper

Let us start with the size of the zipper. Here size refers to the width of the zippers. Most of the zippers come with the width of #5, #10 where numbers 5 and 10 represents the 5mm and 10mm. Choose the width of the zipper as per your style of the project. If you are looking for a zipper for home décor project or clothing design then you should choose #4 size, when you are looking a zipper for cushion or other then you should choose #5 size and in large projects where you look for upholstery zippers then you can choose #10. #10 is used for big projects such as sailboat covers, tent or others. Visit website for upholstery zippers so that you can cut zipper as per your preferences.  

Types of zipper tooth

Coil and Vislon are the two main types of zipper tooth that are used for zippers. Vislon is the commonly used marine teeth which are durable and does not affect the weather change. On the other hand, coil zippers are more flexible and had been sewn on the polyester thread. However, coil zippers are less durable when compared with the Vislon tooth zippers. But the flexibility of the coil zippers made them a perfect choice at various places.  

Locking and non-locking

Consider your requirements whether you need a locking or non-locking zipper. Several zippers have small locking features in them while others don’t have. This small lock stops them moving on their own. Like in case, if you want a zipper for your pant then you should choose to have to lock zippers for you.

Upholstery zippers

For larger projects, you should choose to have continuous zippers which are also known as upholstery zippers. You can cut upholstery zippers to make custom size zippers as per your requirements.

When you want to have a zipper for jackets, pants then it is recommended to choose finished zipper rather than going with the continuous one. However on the other hand, when you want a zipper for a large project such as a tent, sailboat cover or sofa cover then you should choose continuous zipper to custom it as per your preferences.

These are the various things which you should consider while buying a perfect zipper for you.

Where to get a perfect zipper?

Now, you know that how you can choose a perfect zipper for you. If you are looking for the right place to find the right zipper then don’t worry. Here you will get a solution to all your zipping problems. No matter what kind and size of the zipper you want, visit this  and get the perfect zipper of your preferences. 

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