A Game-Changer For Display: Features Of The New 2.1 HDMI Cable

A Game-Changer For Display: Features Of The New 2.1 HDMI Cable

Aug 25, 2021, 9:52:37 AM Tech and Science

HDMI 2.1 cable 48gbps has truly become a game-changer for the display units. Now with these brand new 2.1 cables, the 2.0 feels a bit outdated. Well, not completely outdated because there’s only a handful of display units like TVs available that supports 2.1. However, this new category 3 cable improves the display considerably, giving you crisp and detailed picture quality. In addition, with 48gbps bandwidth speed, you can expect super-fast loading times on gaming as well. 

There are a few TVs in 2021 that support the HDMI 2.1 cables. Safe to say that it’s a potential upgrade from its previous version. The powerful speed and features allow more info to pass from the game consoles like PS5, Xbox series X, and AV receivers, and other devices like never before. This cable is mainly for gamers who want to experience the next-gen graphics with great frame rates.

High Resolution And Refresh Rate

Over the years, HDMI has considerably improved. In 2021, the imagination has come to reality as TVs can produce 8k pictures in QLED form. It’s just not the high resolution but other features that make an 8k HDMI cable worth having. This new cable will allow faster refresh rates and improved graphics. However, ibraonline has a great collection of 2.1 HDMI cables to enhance the visual and overall display experience. 

With this new HDMI cable, you will witness a breathtaking 4k quality resolution with a staggering 120hz refresh rate! It’s insane to imagine a game in 120HZ because everything will be just crisp and detailed. Moreover, with Dynamic HDR functionality, you can watch the black more ‘black’. 

Moreover, 4k isn’t the only thing that this HDMI produces. Yes, you are right when you say that HDMI 2.0 does produce exquisite 4k images. However, it won’t for sure produce a 120hz refresh rate along with it. The new category 8k HDMI cables are a game-changer because of the 8k resolution with 60 Hz frames per second. Now that’s a huge selling point for sure. This is the ultimatum that the gamers and movie geeks want to have in their homes. 

The official developers of the cables have even stressed that they are trying their hardest to bring out the 8k resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate. If it happens, then boy, it will be an outstanding achievement. However, it will cost a ton to get one display unit with all these features. 

Next Level Achieved For The Gamers

It’s safe to say that HDMI 2.1 cables have impacted gamers the most. The next-gen consoles Ps5 and Xbox Series X have opened a wide range of possibilities for future gamers. Since TVs with HDMI 2.1 cable can provide breathtaking pictures at 4k 120hz and 8k 60hz, it’s an amazing experience for gamers. 

Moreover, both PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming consoles can achieve their full potential with HDMI 2.1. With the features like Ray tracing, 8k visuals, 120 Hz refresh rate, it’s a treat for sure. 

HDMI 2.1 also has enabled VRR, or Variable refresh rate, which helps a game look smooth by switching up the refresh rate according to what’s happening on the screen. Therefore, you will notice less lag, stutter, and frame drop. 

All About Speed

This is perhaps the defining feature, the 58gbps bandwidth which sends uncompressed 8k video with HDR. Since there’s so much data nowadays, 48gbps is required. 

Final Thoughts:

With the 2.1 high speed HDMI cable 4k quality with 120hz is entirely possible. Moreover, since it can also provide 8k resolution, it’s future-proof. 

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