What are the various methods of Poultry Farming?

What are the various methods of Poultry Farming?

Jul 7, 2021, 1:12:18 PM Business

Poultry farming is the sub-division of animal husbandry in which domesticated animals are kept under supervision for the commercialization of eggs and meats. There are two main methods in which poultry farm in the US works, i.e., Layer Poultry and Broiler Poultry framing. Other than that, some commonly practiced techniques are free-ranging, intensive, battery cage, organic, etc. Let’s discuss some of the popular methods of rearing animals one by one in detail. 

1. Intensive Poultry Farming

In this type of poultry farming, the farmers use a selected breed (primarily hybrids) of avian species and nurture them. It is easy to look after, saves a lot of time and space, and the hybrid species ensures high production thus high profit. But the major drawback is that the animals are sensitive to environmental changes, stress and demand a healthy diet & comfortable environment to grow.  

2. Free Range 

There is no definite term for free-range or free-roaming poultry farming. This practice involves collecting poultry products like eggs and meat from the animals free to roam to be raised in the open. The animals would spend half of the time in the surroundings, and later, farmers lock them inside the cage at night time. The proof of free-range farming is that they develop antibodies naturally to some diseases and need to feed less. The disadvantage is that the egg & meat-producing efficiency is affected by the unclaimed home of parasites in these animals. 

3. Yarding 

This poultry farming method is very successful among small-scale farmers where they keep cows and hens together. A farmer would build a fence around his yard in the yarding process and keep all the poultry animals together for free.

4. Organic Method

Organic method poultry is the more organic version of free-roam, where producers can keep animals in 1k per hector and 2k per house. The only difference between the free roam and organic method of poultry is that the animals are reared organically; they are made to feed organic food. 

5. Battery Cage Method

It is a prevalent method in the majority of the countries and is widely used for birds like hens etc. They are kept in a metallic cage where one cage can accommodate 3 to 8 hens depending upon the size. The feed is given in the cell. This method ensures the high production of eggs and meat with little spread and saves space and no hassle while collecting their eggs. However, the excess production of CO2 in the house causes suffocation. The hens might get frustrated by the limited space for walking and flapping their wings which might affect the production.  


No matter what method you use to rearing animals, the buyers only want high-quality finished goods. Of course, specific maintenance & procedures cause extra; some poultry owners also believe in selling the animals and poultry products. This usually happens when a particular species of animals are rare to be seen. For example, you can often see boards like merino sheep for sale outside of some big poultry owners.  

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