What Herbs Are Good For Erectile Dysfunction?


What Herbs Are Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

Being Known to Term Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction has become a common word these days among the huge amount of male population. A condition in which a male finds complication in attaining and retaining an erection long enough to have intercourse.

Though being a serious matter people discuss it less often then and hence it remains untreated. Men find it humiliating to talk about erectile dysfunction with their partner or doctor and end up in a huge mess. 

Like any other disease erectile dysfunction is a normal and treatable one. If you get in touch with a doctor he will surely help you get out of this problem. You must go to the doctor as early as possible because at times erectile dysfunction can be an indication of chronic diseases.

Yes, it might be a symptom of diabetes, blood pressure, or heart issues. Prescriptions like sildenafil citrate 120 mg can help you a lot in treating ED.

Indications of Erectile Dysfunction to consult with a doctor:

➤Visit a doctor if you have issues like premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation. 

➤Talk to a doctor when you have any diseases like diabetes, heart issues, or blood pressure that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

➤You must visit a doctor if you see other symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

➤Visit a doctor if you find any difference or problem in getting an erection and maintaining it.

➤Consult a doctor if you are under stress or have any issues related to depression.

➤If your s*xual desire decreases and you find changes in your libido get in touch with a doctor.

➤Consult a doctor if any medication is leading to side effects on erections.

What are the factors that oversee Erectile Dysfunction?

Certainly, there are two causes of erectile dysfunction: physical and psychological. Both of them are responsible for causing erectile dysfunction in men. The arousal of men is contributed by innumerable components like a hormone, the brain, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. 

Physical Contributors to Erectile Dysfunction:

➤Heart-relevant illnesses and atherosclerosis. 

➤Elevated degrees of blood pressure and cholesterol. 

➤Pertaining diabetes condition.

➤Too much weight and obesity.

➤A metabolic syndrome that has innumerable symptoms.

➤Disorders like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's diseases.

➤Tobacco and alcohol addiction.

➤Few of the medications you are on.

➤Meditation and treatment of prostate cancer.

➤Perricone's disease might lead to scar in the tissue of the genitals. 

➤Any injury or infection in the genitals. 

➤Sleep issues and low testosterone levels.

Psychological contributors to Erectile Dysfunction:

➤Depression, anxiety, stress, and all other psyche-associated problems.

➤Any fights or problems in relationships can lead to stress and in turn erectile dysfunction.

➤Also, miscommunication in relationships is a contributing factor.

What are the treatments to deal with Erectile Dysfunction? 

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you can take the help of medicines, lifestyle changes, and many other options available. As the initial step, you need to visit the doctor. 

The doctor may prescribe:

➤A remedy like sildenafil 200 mg tablets

➤Replacement of testosterone. 

➤Vacuum erection devices available in the market.

➤Implant surgery of a male lower part.

➤Abscission is associated with blood vessels. 

He may also suggest you the lifestyle changes like:

➤Counseling on s*xual anxiety.

➤Psychological counseling. 

➤Exercising and conserving a decent weight.

➤Limit alcohol and tobacco usage

There are also innumerable alternative medications available in the market that profess to treat erectile dysfunction. One such medication is herbal supplements. They are inexpensive compared to medications in the market.

They do not have any huge scientific evidence to state that it is advantageous but it depends on self-evaluation. Always consult a doctor before trying these herbal supplements. 

Top 5 Herbal Supplements available in the Market:

Maca herbal supplement:

It is a root vegetable from Peru. It provides you with overall health benefits and is a great addition to your daily diet. It is rich in amino acids, iodine, iron, and magnesium. It is available in three types black, red and yellow.

Black maca is proven to reduce stress. Research has proved that Maca is also useful to boost libido. It does not affect hormone levels. You can consume less than 1g per kg per day or 1grams per 2.2 pounds.

Mondia Whitei:

It is a herb that is made from the roots of African plants. It is prominent in Uganda and is called White's ginger. It is generally employed in boosting libido and managing low sperm count. It functions similarly as viagra does like s*xual desire, motility of sperm, and levels of testosterone. It is an aphrodisiac and has very low toxic ingredients. 

Ginkgo biloba:

It is a herb from Chinese trees that is believed to boost blood flow to the body. It was discovered that ginkgo has positive effects on erections when men reported it in memory enhancement research.

Also, one another research was conducted that showed improvement in libido in 76% if male. But few studies show that it has no effect on ED and hence it was concluded that it can be used for erectile dysfunction management. You can have 40 to 60 capsules twice each day.

Panax Ginseng: 

It is a Chinese and Korean herb that dates back to 2000 years. It is a tonic used to maintain health and longevity. People generally consume ginseng roots for stamina, concentration, stress, and overall well-being.

It will show prominent results in the rigidity of the lower body part, girth, erection time, increased libido, and complete satisfaction. P Ginseng will release nitric oxide and hence affect erection. Its cream is also used by sufferers of premature ejaculation. 


It comes from the bark of the West African tree. People have used it for at least 70 years as an erectile dysfunction treatment. Researchers have proven that 14 percent of men using Yohimbine have proper erections, 20 percent found little response, and the other 65 had no results.

Another study said that 16 men out of 29 had improvements in conditions after treatment. You can have 20mg of it per day. Talk with a consultant before using it. It has functions like:

➤Release more Nitric Oxide by activating nerves of males part.

➤Boost blood progression by broadening blood vessels. 

➤Facilitate nerves and increase adrenaline allowance. 

➤Long-lasting elections and increased libido.


Erectile dysfunction is an issue to worry about and not ignored. Being a common issue in men these days the mode of treatments is developing day by day. Including all general treatments, it can be treated with herbs too.

There are innumerable herbal supplements available on the market. But you must choose

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