How our digital age of ‘Selfie Culture’ is changing make up sales forever (pt1.)

How our digital age of ‘Selfie Culture’ is changing make up sales forever (pt1.)

Since 2014 reality-star-turned-it-girl-turned-super-model Kendall Jenner has flaunted herself as the brand ambassador of Estée Lauder.  Kendall is not just a recognised supermodel; she is an icon for a new age of beauty – she is queen of the on screen beauty that chooses Instagram and other social media channels as the make-up counter of choice.

In the months from January - March (2016) Estée Lauder recorded a rise of 11% in make-up sales, while skin care and fragrance sales remained flat. In addition, other brands such as Bobbi Brown, Clinique, MAC and Smashbox – all owned by Estée Lauder – also recorded similar peaks with make-up sales up by an average of 6%. Furthermore, this appears not to be an isolated phenomenon but rather a trend across the markets. The skincare giant L’Oréal has also noted an increase of its cosmetic lines over other skin care and personal beauty products.

Far from being a consumer coincidence Estée Lauder CEO Fabrizio Freda, believes the rise in sales are down to the rise of social media beauty. Freda believes that the multitude of ‘selfies’ and quick tutorials on the internet (some of which show you how to create a certain look in a matter of minutes) have had an overwhelming impact on the way millennial generation treat and buy beauty products. The constant bombardment of girls posting their latest beauty looks and must have make-up items. The result: instant beauty fixes for a volatile market.

The choice of Kendall Jenner – as the brand ambassador – is then but a stroke of genius. The millennial market, although can be volatile and often lack a strong sense of loyalty to a certain brand, like all markets must have its influencers and with legions of young female fans worldwide (not to mention 65 million on Instagram and 20 million on twitter) Kendall Jenner is one of the biggest when it comes to beauty. By using Kendall Jenner, they have not only learnt to tap into the world of social media beauty but make it their oyster. When Estée Lauder announced Kendall as their new ambassador in late 2014 they gain around 50,000 followers overnight and since then their followership has risen from 300,000 to a staggering 1.3 million. A single post promoting her lipstick collaboration garnered 1.3 million likes alone with other post reaching between 800,000 + likes.

It truly seems that modern beauty is a numbers game (especially when it comes to the number of Instagram likes) 

Published by Alexandra Keates

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