Guess Who's Back (Hint, it's not the Real Slim Shady)

Guess Who's Back (Hint, it's not the Real Slim Shady)

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Hi Everyone! 

I have been super MIA recently and first and foremost I want to apologize. It's been a wild and crazy couple of months and I have been quite scattered. Keeping up with life has been really difficult, let alone keeping up with my blog. I am eager to get back to a place where I can maintain my page again on a consistent basis. I thought I would give you all the skinny of what's been going on! 

At the beginning of the year, we all got really sick. It was a rough few weeks. Of course when one person gets sick in a household everyone seems to follow suit, which is exactly what happened to us. My mom had gotten so sick it took her to the ER. It was a hectic time and I am glad to report that all of us, minus the tot, are much better! Our little man just recently came down with bronchitis. The poor kiddo has been struggling this week, but we thankfully got him on some medicine and have him on the path to health! 

Often at the beginning of the year people focus on the year before them and create resolutions. I chose not to do this, as I am not a person that usually follows through with resolutions. However a goal that Jesse and I made was to move into a place of our own this year. We had found an apartment complex that was being built in town and we were super hopeful about moving in there. We got together all the money we needed, secured the one we wanted and submit our application... only to be denied. It was a slap in the face, but in the most refreshing way (stay with me). In our previous apartment we fight tooth and nail to get out of the hole that we were in there and finally made our peace with the fact that staying there wouldn't be beneficial for our futures. In making this decision, we found a couple to sublet to, packed our bags and moved in with my mom. Easy peasy. Except that the damage was done. Too many late payments later, we now have "poor rental history". Despite the fact that we are completely paid off there and found someone reliable to take over, the truth is still apparent, we paid too many late payments to go unscathed. While this is a reality that has been difficult to choke down, it was a reality we both needed to come to terms with. After being denied, it was back to the drawing board. Where could we possibly move that would allow us a chance to prove ourselves? Where could we go that would allow us the opportunity to build a positive rental history? At the time, it was looking like nowhere. There were a select few locations that would allow for cosigners, but most were still not interested in overlooking the "poor rental history" stamp on our foreheads. We both were heartbroken, but I wasn't going to let it stop me. After searching on every rental website I could find, over and over (and over) again, I was feeling as though nothing was going to work out. Boy was I wrong. Rather skeptically on Monday, January 30 I decided to check the apartment websites again, just to see. Come to find that there were several new listings. I found a couple of places that seemed as though they may work and gave it a shot. I sent out an "interested in your property" email and waited to hear back. No sooner did I have a response in my inbox encouraging me to call the building manager. I did so and had an appointment Monday night to see the available apartments. Jesse and I checked out the places and found a teeny tiny studio apartment that would be perfect for our little family. We took applications, filled them out and sent everything in Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon we were approved to move in and Tuesday night we signed the lease. We then moved in Wednesday. It was wild. We were not prepared to move, nor were we prepared to move so soon. It happened in the blink of an eye, but we are over the moon to be in our own space. It has been an exhausting few weeks trying to get the apartment together, but we are in love. I find new ways to be creative with storage everyday and I am really loving having such a cozy space for my family to grow. We are right in the middle of town which is also quite nice. I very much enjoy being in the midst of the hustle and bustle. I thrive when I'm surrounded by noises and life. For now, we have a place to call home and are quite eager to see where the next several months takes us. 

Also this month, Jesse was given a promotion at work. He is beyond excited for the next steps in his career and I couldn't be more thrilled for him. I too have been asked to assist on some social networking for an interior design company in town as well as a business that my dad is starting in Washington. I am overwhelmed with excitement as I begin to establish myself in the world I worked so hard in college to be a part of. I am hopeful that this could be the start of something beautiful in this year to come. 

Overall, we've been hard at work creating a life for ourselves as individuals, a married couple, and a family. We are very much looking forward to what is next and cannot wait to see where 2017 will take us from here. Thank you all for being here for the journey and supporting me - even through my absence! I look forward to being able to connect with you all more! 

Until then, cheers!


Mama Yearley 💙

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