5 Best Paid Marketing Options for Authors.

5 Best Paid Marketing Options for Authors.

Oct 18, 2021, 2:52:36 PM Business

 The next step is to sell the book. The question here is which marketing strategies to approach. Due to these reasons, there are many marketing mediums available for you. As mentioned in the book advertising agency must recommend many marketing options. These options have been proven successful for many authors.

Every author dreams that their book becomes the best seller to make their book visible to the audience.

5 Best Paid Marketing Options.

Even though free marketing options are available. Paid marketing options are a greater means to enhance your sales results. And at most times, they do not have enough cost. Here are the five best-paid marketing options for authors.

1. Make Us of Social Media Marketing:

In the 21st century, many people spend most of their time browsing social media. Making this one of the best-paid marketing options to market your book. There are various social media mediums available. Moreover, each of the media has its distinctive qualities and characteristics. Also to the option to buy advertising space.

The two most famous social media mediums for free and paid marketing are Facebook and Instagram. Due to this reason, these platforms are cost-effective and easily manageable.

Sit and think about your audience that in which social media app they spend most of the time. And then make your choice according to that option that corresponds to your market.

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook for an author is a prodigious tool. Since being an author, you can personalize your content and begin with a minimum budget. In your account, you can:

· Set the demographics.

· Your maximum regular spend.

· Can format images, videos, or slideshow.

With this, Facebook then helps your ads to push forward towards the appropriate audience. This audience will click on the advertisement and be redirected towards your website or Facebook page.

Instagram Marketing:

For quite some time now, Instagram is a brand of Facebook Inc., that does not mean it is no less than Facebook. Instagram is one of its kind as this is a visual platform, and at the same time, it is the ideal place to introduce your:

· Book.

· Character.

· Various other key insights.

In Instagram. For your advertisement, you have to set your audience and budget. So that the ad is only visible to that audience to which you want your book to get noticed.

2. Use the Book Cover to Market on BookBub:

You may have heard of the phrase “First impression is the last impression.” So, in the case of books, their first impression is judged through how the book cover has been designed?

A striking book cover design can make a big difference in terms of your book sales. So when you are focusing on the book cover. Make sure that you have a good amount of investment and a professional designer. This can make your book cover as astonishing as possible.

When you think about ideal adverts and one of the primary marketing tools, book covers are among that list.


BookBub is that platform from where the readers can find books for the latest releases. This site offers free and paid marketing to be new and old authors. Yet, your book cover is likely to be that advert. Due to this reason, BookBub is the platform that should be on your priority list.

Make a profile on BookBub as an author and fill out their forms about your details. Create and post about your book and plan out your marketing strategy.

3. Create a Personal Website:

A personal website tells many things about the author and gives a dedicated space for any author and their book information. There are various free websites available. Everything has its own cost. As in this case, you have to pay a website designer and developer to make your website look professional. Moreover, they can adjust the website both on desktop and mobile phones.

Link to Social Media:

Ask the web designer and developer to add a call-to-action button. To which the visitor clicks and lands on your social media accounts. Once your social media following increases. You will have a captive audience always ready for engagement.

Include Blogs:

A blog is one of the features of a website. Moreover, they provide a chance to communicate with any visitor but informally. Many of the internet searches result in a blog article. Through this, a client finds a way to the authors' website. So make sure that you write those articles related to your book and your business.

4. Amazon Offers Paid Marketing for Authors:

Amazon is that platform that is ideal for authors to sell their books and even provide them with marketing opportunities. Amazon and particularly Kindle, sell millions of eBook and hard copies of books every year. These are the perfect place where you can market, sell, and get reviews for your book.

What Option Do I Have?

Amazon offers both free and paid marketing approaches. There are various marketing packages available on Amazon, including:

· Sponsored Products.

· Product Display Ads.

· Keyword Advertising.

The Cost:

When you compare other options from Amazon, Amazon is slightly more expensive. However, considering that most of your customer will be available on Amazon, this makes Amazon a lucrative marketing prospect.

When you are setting your paid marketing budget, make sure that you have enough budget to be of benefit.

Let me tell you this if you are approaching Amazon for a paid marketing campaign. Amazon does not consider a budget below $100. But this can also be handled as the budget can spread over numerous months.

5. Make Use of Google AdWords to Drive Traffic:

If you consider paid marketing tactics, then Google AdWords should be on the list of paid marketing tactics. A Google AdWords campaign offers paid marketing means for authors with keywords that will target relevant consumers.

The Perfect Keywords:

Through the utilization of SEO-optimized keywords, the author can boost their ranking on various search engines. Some of the perfect keywords related to the book writing industry:

· Book Name.

· Descriptive words for the book and its genre.

· The name and surname of the author.

· Genre.

The Cost:

Compared to Amazon, Google AdWords is cost-effective for many authors, and through the use of this paid marketing tactic, the author can set their budget easily.

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