Little Things that Can Make Big Impact on Your Day

In this crazy life that we live, it’s easy to take things for granted, to wait on big moments and expect grand gestures. However, life will pass us by waiting on those type of moments.

Grand gestures and big moments can happen to anyone but rarely. The true beauty of life is learning how to appreciate and enjoy little things in life. Things that bring you the smallest amount of pleasure and simply being grateful for them, that’s what life is about.

So, don’t wait for anyone to change your life or your day. Do it yourself – learn to appreciate little things. Take a look at all the little things that can have a big impact on your day.

Getting enough sleep

Waking up tired is the worst thing possible and yet that is how most of our days start. We live in a fast-paced world where 24 hours are simply not enough. We go to bed very late and wake up tired.

Even though getting enough sleep is such a simple and little thing that we can do for ourselves, it has become a commodity. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is not only good it’s necessary if we want our physical and mental health to be at their maximum. 

Sleep is one little thing that can have a huge impact on our whole day. So, tonight make sure you turn in early and get at least 8 hours of sleep!

Sleeping in - when possible

If life is about little things then the best thing in the world is being able to sleep in from time to time. Most of us work jobs that require us to wake up early and get ready for our day. Sometimes, we accidentally oversleep and then we have to rush to get everything done in time. 

But on those days when we can sleep a little longer – like on Sundays – nothing beats the feeling of not having to rush to get up!

Breakfast in bed

Just like sleeping in, having breakfast in bed is one of those things that can completely change your day. It may not happen often, but once it happens it’s the best thing ever.

And the good thing about breakfast in bed is that you don’t even have to wait on somebody to bring it to you, you can make yourself breakfast and then take it to bed – the feeling is pretty much the same either way.

Having a shower in the morning

While we’re still doing the morning, we can’t move on with the day without mentioning those morning showers. Jumping out of the warm bed into the warm shower? If anything can positively affect your day then it’s definitively not skipping that morning shower!

A cup of coffee

Regardless of the time of the day, but especially in the morning, having a cup of coffee can warm up your soul. It’s not an exaggeration – it’s a fact. You can have a freshly roasted coffee, or the coffee from those coffee pods you love so much – it doesn’t matter which coffee as long as it something that will make your day!

For some people, coffee is like a fuel that helps them start their day right. It’s that little thing that can completely change their day. What about you, is coffee your fuel too?

Hug your loved ones

It’s believed that a hug can restore energy and reduce stress. If this is true then a hug has healing powers! So, don’t forget to hug your loved ones today! 

It’s a small thing that can mean a lot, both to you and them. Plus, you never know when someone needs a strong hug to continue with their day. Even those who hate cuddling will appreciate a hug every now and then.

A smile

You never know what someone is going through so always be kind to everyone, and while you’re at it – gift them with the most sincere smile you’ve got! It’s such a small gesture and yet it can completely change someone's day.

Similarly, getting a smile yourself can also be day-changing for you as well. Receiving, just as giving a smile can be equally mood-elevating, plus people who smile are much more attractive!

Don’t forget – a smile can change the world!

Deep breathing for 5 minutes

It’s a little thing – but it’s very powerful. It’s one of those things that help us restart, relax, and improve our mood immediately. It takes approximately five or so minutes of deep breathing to regain your balance and continue with your day.

You can take a breather whenever you feel like you need one. Just close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and you’ll see how good you feel right after you’ve done it! 

Go for a walk and get fresh air

Going for a walk and spending time in the fresh air can be beneficial for your health. Taking leisurely walks for no real purpose is something that most of us have forgotten how to do.

There’s that quote that says ‘A walk in nature, walks the soul back home’, so why don’t we do it more often? Get out, spend time in nature, and the fresh air and you’re day will be completely improved.

Listen to your favorite music

Music is one of those things that truly cost nothing and it can have a big impact on our mood and our day. What is stopping you from listening to your favorite music every day? 

It’s even scientifically proven that music can be therapeutic and mood-lifting. So, put on your favorite song whenever you can and enjoy it!


Is listening to music making you want to move your body? Then move it! Don’t stop yourself thinking that you look silly or anything. If you want to dance, put your phones on and just dance. Dancing is not only good as a way of exercise, but it’s also a great way to deal with anxiety and depression, and other mental issues. 

It’s that one little thing that can change your mood and significantly improve your day.

Watch a sunrise or sunset

Seeing the sunset or sunrise can make us appreciate and be thankful for many things in life. It’s also the moment when we realize how small we and our worries truly are.

Apart from that watching these daily yet extraordinary events can help us recharge. The sun is composed of ultraviolet light which gives our body optimum health and benefits us in many different ways. 

So, take at least one day in a week to witness sunset or sunrise – it can be not just day-changing but life-changing!

Appreciate the rain

People who enjoy rain are happier. It’s not in vain that people say that ‘some people feel the rain and others just get wet’ – this is because people who love the rain live in the moment, experience life more fully, and are more resilient during tough times. 

Try to appreciate rain – listen to the sounds of it and let them soothe you, smell the air before and after the rain. Once again, this is one of those small things in life that we don’t even notice and yet they too can improve our day.


As the legendary Charlie Chaplin once said ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’. Laughter is the best medicine that can improve our mood, our health, our day, and most importantly our life. So, don’t go a day without finding a reason to laugh!

Healthy and fresh food

Eating a healthy diet improves mood just as it improves your overall health. The nutrients in fresh, organic food are something that our bodies need to function properly. So, don’t forget to treat yourself to a healthy diet every now and again.

Your favorite snacks

Eating a healthy diet is necessary, but treating yourself to your favorite snacks is also important. Having a snack you love is one of those small things that can improve your day. Take a moment in your day and have a favorite snack.

Being creative

Discovering your creative side and making something with your two hands is so fulfilling and so elevating. Don’t be convinced that you can’t do or make something without even trying. Do that DIY project you’ve been postponing because you don’t think you can. Paint that picture, make that flower arrangement or do whatever that will jog your creativeness!

Make a change in your routine

We’re so stuck in our own routines that we no longer notice all the little things that can make us happy. Change that today – do something unexpected, something different and your day will immediately be ten times better.

Go for a walk, eat something different, call that friend you haven’t heard in a long time – simply make even a slight change and improve your day!

Read that book 

There is always that one book that you’ve been wanting to read for a long time but you just can’t find the time. Don’t wait any longer. Start reading it today, because if you keep looking for the right time, you’ll never read the book.

Make that cake

Make that cake you’ve been dying to try out. Don’t postpone it any more, don’t worry about gaining weight, just go ahead and make the cake and make your day better.

Once you start appreciating the little things in life you’ll see that life is so much better than what you thought. Life really is about little things and about living in the moment – and all these small things can make a huge impact on our day and ultimately on our life!

So, don’t wait a day longer – start paying attention to all the little things that make life special.

Published by Alexis Walker


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