Book Review: Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

Book Review: Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

Hello everyone! So if you follow me on instagram (@bookfelicity) you know that I finshed reading Champion yesterday and now I am posting my full review to the whole trilogy. I have a lot to say so without further adieu, let's get started.


PLOT. I read this one in 2 days.It’s a full action pack filled with thrilling breathtaking scenes,smart decisions,emotions and caring messages.I also enjoyed the romance here.It was different. Also the world the author created is awesome and I want to see this book being a movie.It would make a brilliant one,because there are glass breaking,roof jumping,guns and tranquilizer.I mean who doesn’t like tranquilizers ,they are like the hipster version of cuffs,because we all know cuffs are way to mainstream.Okay let’s not get carried away.As I saw the plot was quite unique and I wouldn’t change a thing.

CHARACTERS. So what I really liked about this book is that the words match characters’ age.You don’t get to read here about young people quoting like they are 60 years old academics with full degrees,but you have a proper smart fifteen year old conversation between them.Also the way they expressed their emotions and affections it was so awesome.The characters were awesome described.I like reading about them both.And this was one of the first books I saw an equal between the boy and the girl.They were equal in every way possible.That made the book way more interesting. June was great.A badass beautiful fifteen year old heroine.She is hell of a smartass also,and she sure knows what she is capable of. Day was also a great character.I liked his sense of humor.He was also strong and too smart for a fifteen year old.

WRITING STYLE. Marie Lu’s pacing is extraordinary, she knows what is too much and she gives us just the right amount. And it fits the militaristic atmosphere perfectly.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I recommend this book to every reader out there.It is certainly one of the best books I have read in 2016 and I have read pretty brilliant ones this year.If you want an action pack book with a lot of smart thinking in it , you should pick this up.




PLOT: Prodigy is an action pack dystopian,filled with moments that keep you turning pages.It contains emotions, feelings, smart thoughts and full action scenes.Also a lot of secrets are discovered,we have the chance to know more about the main characters,also some characters that had a huge part in Legend.

CHARACTERS: The characters are well developed,even that I don’t think that they can get more development,because they are the smartest,strongest,wisest teens I know.Seriously,sometimes I forget they are 15.The highlight of this book, for me, was Anden. I am delighted with how Lu handled his character and made her story so much more complex than a simple battle of good vs evil. This novel asks the question: who are the good guys? And you keep changing your mind about the answer.

WRITING STYLE: Marie Lu really focuses on developing her characters here, whilst still exploring the politics of her dystopian society and introducing one really evil twist to this story.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I loved the turn the story has taken in this book, the plot has thickened massively and I love it!! The action scenes are so well written that you can literally visualise it all perfectly in your mind! The plot twists will blow you away and completely take control of your emotions…

SPOILERY PART a.k.a feels part

Oh my god. This book is killing me!!!!! Day, why do you have to do that?!!!! LIKE OMG whyyyyy day whyyyyy and Kaede, omg kaede :( I really hate Razor like absolutely hate him! Day, why do you have to leave June?! It’s obvious that you loveeee each other but whyyy whyyyy huhuhuh and day please don’t die. PLEASE. STAY WITH ME. 




PLOT: This final book is brimming with action and suspense. The pacing doesn’t slow down for a second and it suits the high-stakes plot. The previous book left us with some shocking information about Day that will surely be at the forefront of most readers’ minds when picking up this conclusion – it doesn’t disappoint. It’s true that there were only a limited number of ways this could end but with Lu it doesn’t seem to matter because she has your mind constantly running through the options and wondering where she’ll take you next. The sense of constant uncertainty instilled in my brain throughout this book was terrifying and intoxicating. It’s been a while since I read a book so completely unputdownable.

CHARACTERS: I also really like the way Lu has developed her characters. For me, June and Day have come a long way and matured so much since book one. This kind of natural growth is realistic, important and perhaps one of the main reasons I enjoy reading young adult so much – watching the characters flourish, become wiser and deal with all the different pressures of life in this difficult period of growing up (doubly so when your country relies on you). Looking back, I have a certain respect for the author in the way she portrayed their initial meeting and the start of their relationship. What seemed like lazy writing, in hindsight, actually seems like Lu deliberately showed the difference in maturity between the relationships of hormonal teens and young adults who’ve experienced a bit of life. Day and June were far more likeable as a couple in this book than I’ve ever noticed before.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve come across several books directly echoing a real and worse tragedy—rape, mass killing, suicide, murder, etc—and I say nothing has affected on a deep emotional level like Day’s illness. I hate to sound like I’m fawning over the author, but there’s power in the way she writes. She made Day’s health condition sound more frightening than murder. She turned Day and June’s simple exchange of ‘hi and hello’ into something so painful. This is why I’m quoting a lot of lines from the book; words are just words until she weaves them powerfully into details, heightening everything including the readers emotions.



So, Hi. This will be the part that I will talk about all the books as one. Sorry but for those who haven’t read the trilogy yet, you might want not to read ths because there may be some spoilers but I will give warnings. Texts with red colors will be spoilers.

Let’s start with Legend. So, I’m not very much a fan of Dystopians. The only Dystopian book I read I remember is the Divergent Trilogy by Veronice Roth and absolutely loved it. So, I came across this book at the bookstore and was totally intrigued because it is so hyped and when I search cry-worthy books, Champion is always one of them. The idea of the most-wanted criminal but the government don’t know what the criminal looks like totally hooked me. It was really interesting because you it will be hard for the republic to catch Day if they don’t know what he looks like. Legend is a very good start for a trilogy because it made me buy the last 2 books.

Now with Prodigy. Well, this book is full of heartaches, agony and most of all pain a.k.a deaths. If you read the first book you know that Kaede is a patriot and he helped June to get Day. I was so shocked when Kaede died. I mourned for her death of course, I was so shocked that I even have to put the book down for  few minutes. I was also shocked to know that Razor is working for the Republic. Well,here’s my initial reaction when I first finished the book. “Oh my god. This book is killing me!!!!! Day, why do you have to do that?!!!! LIKE OMG whyyyyy day whyyyyy and Kaede, omg kaede :( I really hate Razor like absolutely hate him! Day, why do you have to leave June?! It’s obvious that you loveeee each other but whyyy whyyyy huhuhuh and day please don’t die. PLEASE. STAY WITH ME. “

Now with Champion, all of the texts will be red because I will be telling spoilers.Did I like everything that happened in this book? No. Who would want their favorite characters to be sick, much less have a tumor? All throughout the story I’d made myself believe it’s a joke, that maybe someone was just trying to kill Day by adding harmful chemicals to his medicines. It also broke my heart that Day hadn’t been able to recognize or remember June in the ending . So yes, reality slapped me, twice, and I love this book more for it.And here I present you to my favorite dystopian series.The legend series has been one of my greatest experiences on reading,especially this book,which I totally consider a LEGENDARY book.And finally here is a trilogy with a great awesome perfect ending.I think this is the reason why Legend,for me,it is the best dystopian series out there,because the ending didn’t disappoint.I liked The Hunger Games and Divergent too,but they both went downhill.I must congratulate the author for this finale,she proved that it is possible to end a series without killing main characters just to make it emotional.So great job Marie Lu!

Goodbye, our Prodigy June Iparis.

Goodbye, our Legend Day Altan Wing.

Goodbye, our Champions.

Long live the Republic.

“Then Day reaches out and touches my hand with his. He encloses it in a handshake. And just like that, I am linked with him again, I feel the pulse of our bond and his- tory and love through our hands, like a wave of magic, the return of a long-lost friend. Of something meant to be. The feeling brings tears to my eyes. Perhaps we can take a step forward together.

“Hi,” he says. “I’m Daniel.”
“Hi,” I reply. “I’m June.”

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