Hello everyone! I read a minimum of 10 books every month which I think is many because I am a student so it's pretty hard balancing school and books. A lot of people asked me how I do it or what tips am I following etc. etc. So I decided to make this blog post to help more people be engaged in reading and make it as a hobby. So without further ado, let's get started!



This is really important because it will decide whether you will the book or you will hate the book. Don’t pick a book that your friend likes so you think you will also like it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Do not be afraid to DNF (did not finshed) books because it doesn’t interest you in some way. For me, I mostly read Fantasy books and Contemporaries so that’s what I usually read and enjoy . I know that you want to expand your reading zone but if it doesn’t interest you then what’s the use of reading it? Why waste your time in a book that you know you will not like?



Reading is a hobby not a chore. You should never force yourself to read if you don’t want to read. If you want to watch netflix, then watch netflix. if you want to have a movie marathon, then have a movie marathon. Never pressure yourself to read because it will lead to a reading slump and nobody wants a reading slump,right? Except if it’s a book you need to read for school or a book that you need to review. If you need to read a book for school and you’re not interested in it then you can do some research and maybe you will find something that will caught your interest but if it’s a book for review then you really need to force yourself to read it and finish it.



This will really help you read faster or read more books. Setting a specific reading time will help you get used to reading on that timeof the day. For me, I usually read past my bedtime or sometimes in the afternoon when I don’t know what to do and remember that I am reading a book. Setting a reading time is a really effective way to read more.



Always, always bring a book with you. Even though you’re just going to the church or on your friend’s house. You never know when you will have a free time to read. I always bring a book to school because I always arrive 1 hour early so I use that time to read my book and it always help me read more even though I am in school.



This tip kinda goes along with number 1. If you want to read contemporaries, then read contemporaries. Never compare the book you’re reading to what everyone is reading because it will never help you enjoy the book.



This is very tempting to resist, I admit. Us, bookworms, always get tempted to read the new releases and join the hype in the bookworm society. New releases tempts us to read them now. But you should never think you should read them because everyone else do think you should read them because it interests you.



This helps me a lot. Setting a goal motivates us to achieve it and it helps us read more. But DON’T PRESSURE YOURSELF TO REACH YOUR GOAL instead make it motivate you to read more.



Find a spot that makes you comfortable in reading. It can help you read more because you are comfortable and you will not be disturbed while reading.



Listening to audiobooks is a helpful way to read fast. You can re-arrange your bookshelf while listening, you can play candy crush or whatever you wanted to do that will help you focus on the audiobook. I sometimes play an audiobook while taking a shower because I take long showers honestly and I can use my time to listen to an audibook while getting fresh HAHAHA.



And last, but definitely not the least. Enjoy what you’re reading. Nothing is very satisfying than enjoying what we are reading. We picked reading as a hobby so might as well enjoy it.


I hope these tips will help you read more and be interested in reading. This what I normally do when we don't have exams to go on the way so I really read more. Thank you very much for reading and hope you have a good day.


Published by Alexsandra Gan

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Nov 13, 2016, 8:42:04 AM

Yes, exams really require full attention. I listen to audiobooks sometimes but not often too :) Thank you very much :)

Nov 13, 2016, 8:36:46 AM

These tips are helpful. I actually do most of this that's why I read a lot of books in a month too. Although not the reading time part and the audio books but mostly, I do all of it. The only reason I get to read less books than usual is because of exams and other activities in school that requires full attention. Nice blog post! ^^

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