All you need is ice cream

All you need is ice cream

For the  very first time in my life I had a vegan ice cream and I have to admit I absolutely loved it. I got the ice cream from a cute little ice cream van, Icy V and I have to say it again it was absolutely delicious and had so much flavour (more flavour than in a normal ice cream), it was really tasty. The 2 ladies from the truck were so friendly and I loved the way they decorated their truck, it was full of lights and looked fairylike. The only down side was the wooden spoon, that wasn't my cup of tea but it didn't bother me that much either. I guess a wooden spoon is better than a plastic one?

So go and check out their facebookpage! And get you some Vegan ice cream, it's yummy in your tummy!

Published by Aley L.

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