Perfection is Starbucks

Perfection is Starbucks

Jan 12, 2017, 11:40:45 PM Life and Styles

So the same day I went for pizza in Mamma Roma, we went to Starbucks in Brussels at the metro Rogier. There I had my very fist chocolate chip cream frappechino with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
and it was absolutely delicious. It was like a little piece from heaven! Most of you know Starbucks, I hope. And everyone knows them from writing your name wrong, well in Belgium they actually ask you to spell your name. This I really dislike, because it's the wrong name writing that makes Starbucks, thé Starbucks (not just for it's coffee). Still I do enjoy their kind and friendly service. The lady who surved us (I wish I could remember her name) asked us how we were doing and stuff, this is something I enjoy when they ask you how you are. So for anyone who hasn't tried that specific frappechino, go into your main Starbucks and order this little piece of heaven!


Drink up!

Published by Aley L.

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