Features of Slot games Explained

Features of Slot games Explained

Aug 8, 2020, 11:16:08 AM Sport

Slot games have come a seriously long way since their invention towards the end of the 1800s, and modern online play slots are pretty much unrecognisable from their humble beginnings these days. For a start online slots can be played online from the comfort of your home, whereas anybody wanting to spin those reels before the 21st century had to be doing it in person on a land-based slot machine, often in a brick and mortar casino slots hall. 

Oh how times have changed, eh? But in reality, being able to spin those reels is actually one of the smaller developments, especially when you realise how many incredible features modern online slot games have.

Developers like NetEnt and Eyecon have been relentlessly working towards a constant evolution of the online slot industry, and special bonus features is the No. 1 way in which they have been doing so.  Read on for some features of slot games explained. 

Free spins slot game feature 

The free spins slot game feature is probably the most popular and easy to find in today’s online slot industry, with most slot titles have it in some shape or form. A free spins slot game feature quite literally does what it says on the tin; it awards a number of free spins to gamblers, usually as a result of finding a set number of scatter symbols. 

It is genuinely pretty uncommon to find a modern online slot game that doesn’t have a free spins feature, and many online casino sites are also liable to give away free spins too. 

Bonus rounds slot game feature 

Ever since the emergence of video slots in the 1980s developers have been able to really go to town on any bonus rounds, because for the first time they were able to try and program these things without having the physical limitations of an actual mechanical set of reels. Things got even better with the emergence of online slots too, as developers found that the sky was very much the limit in terms of what was actually possible.  

Modern online slot bonus rounds are genuinely incredible, and some of them play out like genuine mini-games you would play on a console such as Xbox or Playstation. These bonus rounds are often the main way in which developers seek to attract new gamblers too, so there is no wonder that they are consistently getting better and better. 

Gamble slot game feature 

A distinctive feature of many online slot games that was first made popular by the Australian developer Eyecon is the gamble feature. This is quite a simple feature that allows gamblers to test fate and gamble away their overall winnings, with the chance to double or quadruple them in size. 

It is usually done via a straight 50/50 set of odds, so you can see why gamblers would take the risk from time to time. Beware though, because it can be pretty disheartening to lose all of your winnings at once.

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