6 Reasons Why Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

6 Reasons Why Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Jun 15, 2021, 7:39:32 AM Life and Styles

“Diamonds are a Girl’s Bestfriend” was first sung by Carol Channing in the Broadway musical, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1949). The musical also had a film adaptation in 1953 starring Marilyn Monroe. It was also at that time when diamond rings were becoming popular that’s why it became a hit. 

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental as the song suggests, but kissing a hand adorned with a diamond ring looks a lot better, right? This shining shimmering splendid is one of the best gifts that would make a woman feel more special. Nothing says "I love you" better than gifting a piece of diamond jewelry, whether it's for your lover, mother, or even for yourself.

If you want to know more about why diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend, check out these 6 reasons why!

Lasts long

How long do diamonds last? It was in 1947 when De Beers’ campaign, “A diamond is forever” started. The tagline changed the diamond world. It was also used in advertisements which created the need for a diamond engagement ring. One of the advertisements stated “ How could two month’s salary last forever? A diamond is forever.

On a more serious note, it is true that diamonds can indeed last forever or almost since they can outlive us. According to George E. Harlow, a gem curator at the American Museum of Natural History, “Once they are near Earth’s surface, it is very difficult to get rid of diamonds. They are very stable at low temperatures, and the amount of energy required to break their bonds and change them is not available, so they would essentially stick around in the same form forever”.

Symbolizes love

Speaking of love, it was recorded that the first-ever diamond engagement ring was received by Mary of Burgundy. Even though diamonds were not popular back then, they were able to think of putting a diamond in the ring. It may also be the source of De Beers’ idea of the campaign. The “a diamond is forever” campaign is not specifically for engagements, but also for celebrating long-lasting love.

Aside from engagement rings, diamonds can also be used in other forms of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They're excellent gifts for showing your love on your anniversary, wedding, or your recipient's birthday.

However, it’s not just about romantic love. Parents can also give their children a piece of jewelry with diamonds in it, which symbolizes pride and love.


Diamonds are special. It’s not every day you get to see or wear them. It has to be for something and someone worth it, like a date!

When preparing for a special date, you’ll need a lovely dress, a pair of high-heeled shoes, some make-up, and then finish it off with a set of diamond earrings and necklace. Nothing will make it more romantic if he gets down on one knee while holding a little box, opens it, and says, “Will you marry me?”. You’ll have sparkles in your eyes as you can’t believe you’ll spend the rest of your lives forever. 

Isn’t it the most romantic thing ever? You’ve seen it in the movies, series, and commercials. Now, if it happens to you, then there’s nothing left to say but, “I do!” 

Good quality

Each diamond is unique. One has its own rare and valuable quality. In fact, people came up with four C’s to check the main characteristics and value of a diamond

  • Clarity- some diamonds include a few tiny bits of diamond inside. They may greatly affect the clarity of the diamond and its price.
  • Color- measures how colorless a diamond is. It’s known that the lighter the color of the diamond, the higher its value. Some of the popular variations are argyle pink diamonds, fancy green diamonds, and intense blue diamonds.
  • Cut- to identify whether it’s too deep, too shallow, or perfect. Cut also covers the light it reflects and the finishing touches.
  • Carat- the bigger the weight, the higher the price.

Status symbol 

Royal families are popular in collecting jewelry such as rare and valuable diamonds. It has been in their generations for centuries, even in the Victorian Era. Even though the demand has been dismal during the succeeding years, diamonds are still as expensive as ever. Then came the De Beers’ campaign which saved the diamond industry. 

After that, diamonds have always been popular especially for engagement rings. It was in the 1990s when 80% of engagement rings have diamonds. 

Good investment

It’s not just about how it looks, it’s also about how much it costs. Having a lot of diamond jewelry will not just make you look rich, but also secure. 

You can invest your money in buying diamond jewelry, and there are several factors why it is better than investing in gold. 

  • Size doesn’t matter- Gold should be bigger to have better value, while diamonds can cost a lot more than it looks. 
  • It’s long-lasting- I think there’s no need to stress this more. It’s the hardest mineral in the world!
  • Storage-friendly- Since the size is not a problem, you don’t need to have a huge space for keeping this treasure. 

Now, we can all agree with Marilyn when we hear the lyrics, “but square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don't lose their shape. Diamonds are a girl's best friend”.

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Written by Aliana Baraquio

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