Sales enablement platforms for current marketplace

sales enablement software

Sales enablement platforms for current marketplace

Jul 15, 2020, 6:15:32 AM Business

To carry out effective sales, various tools are required that come in many forms, such as a content management system that helps the sales reps organize messaging and communication assets. While the other instruments provide the firm with automating marketing tasks, sales intelligence or qualified leads. Most of the top sales enablement solution uses AI and machine learning to analyze the data and generate usefully, yet sales bolstering insights. The most potent tools are offering end-to-end solutions for the various problems of the firm.

What are the best sales enablement tools for outbound sales?

The top sales enablement solutions improve the sellers' performance and extend their capabilities to engage with the prospects efficiently. As known, there are several types of sales enablement software explicitly designed for different aspects of selling. However here are some of the top salesenablement software for outbound teams

•  Sales Communication/Engagement: Nextiva, Gong, Outreach

•  Team Collaboration: Chorus, Velocify, SharePoint

•  Content Management System: Docurated, PandaDoc, DocSend

•  Analytics: SiSense, Tableau

•  Market Intelligence/Lead Generation: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg

•  Performance Management: Altify, Factor 8, Ambition

•  Email Management: Yesware, Rapportive

•  Customer Relationship Management: Agile CRM, PipeDrive,, Salesforce

•  End-to-end Sales Engagement Platforms: Seismic, KnowledgeTree, HighSpot, HubSpot

How to choose a sales enablement platform?

The market is filled with some of the top sales enablement solutions. However, not all of them is fit for your industry, team structure, and sales process. Thus, it is essential to do some research and conduct trials before you finalize sales enablement software. Here are some of the tips you need to keep in mind while comparing various solutions

•  Have a clear understanding of the reason and goals for adopting the top sales enablement solution

•  Formulate a shortlist of solutions based on the line of business, requirement, operational structure, industry, competitor adoption, sales process, customer reviews, and testimonials, etc.

•  Take benefit from the free trial period offered by top sales enablement software to make a reasonable comparison of the available options.

•  Check for their compatibility or integration with your existing technology stack, scalability, multiple channel capabilities, and difficulty in adopting curves.

•  Formulate a cost-benefit analysis keeping ROI in focus

•  Lastly and most importantly you should never use the sales enablement software to compensate for lousy workflow or strategy

Top sales enablement software 2020

•  Allbound

All bound is the top sales enablement software. However, it differs from the others as it is a partner relationship manager meaning it offers the ability to make the partner training and management of MDFs automatic. Additionally, it also allows to form the co-brand and gain better visibility of partner training.

Features -

The software has got partner-centric portal for resource and training

Comes with the dual registration system

Easily integrates with any CRM

Offers custom prospect pages for each registered partner

•  Ambition

It is a sales performance management platform aiming to empower, motivate, and coach the sales reps to succeed. The sole motive of this top sales enablement solution is to provide managers with the relevant tools needed to maximize the sales team's potential.


Comes with Salesforce scorecard and leader boards

Offers 1:1 coaching portals

Has got sales gamification

•  Brainshark

Brainshark is the top sales enablement solution helping your organization to formulate a dynamic content that can be used for sales onboarding, training, and coaching. The solution's main selling point lies in the PowerPoint uploaded system. Thus, it allows the users to narrate the presentations for later use.


Comes with presentation and handling features like quizzes, polls, and attachments

Office mobile cross-compatibility

•  Highspot

This sales enablement software equips the sales reps of the firm and guides the prospects during the selling process. For this, the platform has got intelligent search options along with predictive analytics and content.


Provides AI-driven content recommendation

Ease of tracking prospects engagement

Office dynamic sales guide

•  MindTickle

It is a sales training platform explicitly designed to make the sales reps readily available for the customers, thus ensuring their success. This top sales enablement software's sole motive is to speed up the onboarding and help the training principles take in the mind of the sales reps.


Uses data-driven intelligence to drive customer-facing readiness

Comes with learning and testing tools

Offers skill certification and coaching events

•  Skuid

This Salesforce based sales enablement software allow your organization to curate forms, apps, and workflows that meet the firm's exact needs without touching code.


Ease of creating custom deals, lead management apps, and opportunities

Has got consumer-grade customer or partner portals

It is equipped with dynamic forms and data entry workflows.

•  Tellwise

It is the top sales acceleration platform explicitly designed to accelerate the sales pipeline with the effective use of analytics and multiple channel integration.


Effective integration of email, phone, chat, and presentation for unified communication

Provides predictive sales analytics

Comes with AI-driven sales intelligence

Offers integrated phone dialer

•  UpSync

It is a compelling mobile sales presentation app designed to manage, organize, and share appropriate and relevant content between the sales reps. With productive uses of this top sales enablement solution, the organization can centralize the most pertinent and up-to-date sales material in one secure folder.


Effectively support significant file formats

Easy drag and drop presentation creation

Version controlled

•  Velocify

It is a sales enablement solution for incomprehensive lead management built for mortgage brokers, insurance organizations, and educational institutions. This platform is specifically for those who primarily sell their products or services through phone or email. The software's sole motive remains to help the customers convert leads into clients and automate the firm's sales operations.


Comes with robust reporting features

Office workflow automation

Has got lead scoring and lead routing tools

•  Yesware

It is a sales productivity platform available free of cost. The platform can be integrated with Gmail or Outlook365 easily. It comes with powerful tools for prospective and scheduling meetings with prospects. The platform's functions can be implemented in a few clicks, and the case of trouble offers free customer support.


Has got automatic meeting scheduler

Integrate sufficiently with Salesforce and other CRM

Comes with intelligent follow-up reminders

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